• Raising the general testosterone level, though, has unfortunate side-effects: weight gain, acne and irritability.

    ECONOMIST: Contraception

  • Side effects of allergy medications can contribute to irregular sleeping patterns that increase irritability.

    CNN: Sad in the spring? Allergy-mood link is real

  • Now you have resulting symptoms from that fatigue, irritability, feeling overwhelmed.... We've become less tolerant of negative emotions.

    CNN: Xanax 'helps me be a better mom'

  • But that fever that she was screaming about, you know screaming with high fevers in irritability 48 hours later.

    NPR: Pediatrician: What Parents Should Know About Autism

  • The boy was showing all the symptoms of withdrawal from amphetamines, including sleep disturbance, irritability and difficulty controlling impulses.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • And in some men we encounter in our practice, those affects can be mostly visible: low mood and irritability.

    MSN: ��Get off my lawn!�� Why some older men get so grouchy

  • Friends and family of unemployed people should look for warning signs, such as sadness, lack of energy, insomnia and irritability.

    CNN: Unemployment takes tough mental toll

  • Have you observed possible signs of pain in your infant or toddler, such as ear pulling, difficulty sleeping or unusual irritability?

    CNN: Ear infection (middle ear)

  • Parental and physician observations of behavior, especially socialization and irritability will be closely evaluated according to investigators involved with this study.

    FORBES: Stem Cell Therapy To Treat Autism?

  • Depressive symptoms are not simply feeling miserable, but can include feelings of fear, loneliness irritability or lack of concentration, and even sleeplessness.

    BBC: Depression may boost heart risk

  • Most people first show definitive symptoms in their 20s and often have a history of mood swings, irritability and depression dating back to childhood.

    CNN: What are the chances my future kids will be bipolar?

  • Girls on the autism spectrum also engage in fewer repetitive behaviors such as rocking and spinning and less sensory irritability than boys with ASD.

    CNN: How girls and boys differ when it comes to autism

  • Hyperarousal symptoms include difficulty falling or staying asleep, irritability or outbursts of anger, difficulty concentrating, being hypervigilant and finally, demonstrating an exaggerated startle response.

    CNN: PTSD: Know the symptoms and when to get help

  • The most common reason for leaving the clinical trial because of side effects was a mix of mental side effects, including depression, anxiety and irritability.

    FORBES: The Fat Pill Might Make You Sad

  • And with all that increased stress comes the increased likelihood of irritability, anxiety and sexual dysfunction, all of which can take their toll on interpersonal relationships.

    FORBES: Eight Threats To Marriage In A Downturn

  • "Baby blues, " which do not require medical attention, can include mood swings, sleep problems, irritability, crying, anxiety and sadness in the first couple of weeks after birth.

    CNN: Postpartum depression: When moms feel out of control

  • Have you noticed any personality changes, including increased irritability?

    CNN: Hydrocephalus

  • In it, the therapist describes the child as an apparently "typical 5-year-old by temperament and interests" with no history of mood swings, irritability, depression, attention deficit disorder, learning issues or other problems.


  • Specialists say only a small number of people are expected to be so severely affected that they develop PTSD, a disorder that can include flashbacks, debilitating anxiety, irritability and insomnia months after the trauma.

    NPR: Anger, Fear, Tears Normal Response To Disasters

  • Additionally, the "Ecstasy hangover" - feelings of excessive tiredness and irritability, alongside an inability to think clearly - is thought to be caused by an over-depletion of the chemical as the drug ceases to have an effect.

    BBC: Ecstasy

  • Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes people to stop breathing momentarily and wake up as often as hundreds of times every night, leaving a lot of unexplained fatigue, irritability and millions of hours of lost productivity at the workplace.

    FORBES: No Rest for the Weary

  • That way, if your child develops certain warning signs, such as unusual sadness, irritability, anxiety, inattention, or a change in appetite, sleep, or ability to enjoy things, the doctor may be able to zero in on the cause -- and get your child help -- a lot sooner.

    CNN: Six health problems your child may inherit from you

  • For example, the commander of U.S. and other foreign forces in Afghanistan, Marine General John Allen, attributed the recent uptick in green-on-blue attacks to irritability on the part of Afghan personnel performing missions at high operational tempos while sweltering in summer heat and hungry due to the Ramadan fast.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Making the U.S. Military Submit to Shariah

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