• But each time they applied water to the heated glass the intricate patterns appeared.

    NEWYORKER: Trial by Fire

  • The function of the intricate patterns in the webs of orb-weaver spiders is subject to much debate in the scientific community.

    BBC: Quiz of the week's news

  • To make dies capable of pressing tiny, intricate patterns onto the threads, LeVey had to borrow a technology often used to create injection molds for detailed plastic parts.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • To assemble these little critters, Ibiden has developed its own plastic resins and a new process for building up layers of plastic that contain intricate patterns of copper wiring (see diagram).

    FORBES: It's all in the packaging

  • Images sent back from the Cassini spacecraft (which has been in orbit around Saturn since 2004) have revealed how the fine structure of the rings is broken up into intricate patterns of thousands of ringlets and gaps.

    BBC: Saturn's beauty and power

  • And for all Arsenal's pretty passing and intricate patterns in the second half, it was Chelsea who applied the killer blow five minutes from time when Alex concluded a fast bowler's run-up with a true touch of Brazil as he lashed a long-range free-kick high beyond Lukasz Fabianski.

    BBC: Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

  • Despite the slippery conditions, Arsenal quickly began to weave their intricate passing patterns.

    BBC: SPORT | Football | FA Cup | Portsmouth 1-5 Arsenal

  • Emily Kame Kngwarreye (1910-96), who started painting when she was 80, used intricate dot patterns and ribbon strokes to create some of her most famous paintings.

    ECONOMIST: Aboriginal art: Drawing from the mists of time | The

  • Inspired by celebrities and do-it-yourself guides in fashion blogs and magazines, enthusiasts are embracing all manner of experimentation: intricate floral patterns and cartoon characters, glittery mosaics, 3-D motifs emblazoned with lace, gems, charms, foils, even magnets.

    CNN: On main street and the runway, nail art is the new lipstick

  • Glorious frescoes adorn most homes and religious buildings throughout Bhutan, with creatures, flowers and intricate, abstract patterns sprawling over broad wooden beams and mud walls.

    BBC: Bhutan, the kingdom of the clouds

  • These products of Hakone are exquisitely designed wooden boxes with inlaid intricate images in complex patterns that mask the secret panels that are the key to eventually gaining access to the contents inside.

    FORBES: Japanese Secret Boxes: The Coolest Security Puzzles for Kids and Adults

  • Think of a wooden box that is as large as a foot square, with intricate inlaid geometric designs and patterns of special woods.

    FORBES: Japanese Secret Boxes: The Coolest Security Puzzles for Kids and Adults

  • The Noor collection, unveiled for the event held during the first week of June, is a line of art-deco style jewels inspired by the sensual transparency of vintage lace, the play of light through its delicate pattern, and the intricate ornamentation of the mosaic and arabesque patterns in Byzantine architecture.

    FORBES: Arabic-Inspired Lace Patterns Add Sparkle to Ivanka Trump's Noor Jewelry Collection

  • In the Nasrid Palaces, a palace complex within the palace complex, the combination of building materials (wood, stone, ceramics and plaster) with traditional Islamic forms (intricate calligraphy, stuccoed ceilings and interwoven geometric patterns) reaches a point close to perfection.

    BBC: The perfect trip: Andaluc��a

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