• And Internet phone service Skype keeps him connected to family in Virginia and Minnesota.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Consumers using rival Internet phone services could experience degraded phone quality, consumer groups worry.

    WSJ: FCC Sets Comcast-Phone Probe

  • The Internet phone company said the increase was driven by growth in subscriber lines.

    FORBES: Vonage Faces New Peril

  • Those fines followed Mr. Martin's decision on Sunday to launch a formal investigation into Comcast's Internet phone practices.

    WSJ: FCC Sets Comcast-Phone Probe

  • Internet phone systems route calls to a particular computer on the Internet, not to a specific physical location.

    FORBES: Cost Of Net Phone Calls May Rise

  • The reason for the lack of response was that Mrs Waller's internet phone company did not provide emergency service.

    ECONOMIST: Internet regulation

  • Internet phone services are catching on with consumers, thanks to their promise of cheap calling, portability and advanced features.


  • The chief executive of RSL is proudly demonstrating his company's Internet phone service.

    FORBES: Srpska calling

  • Congress is now considering a bill that would also give a boost to the 911 network of Internet phone providers.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • These companies, which offer cheap or free Internet phone service, threaten to completely undermine the telcos' existence if not addressed.

    FORBES: The Telecom Liberation Movement

  • It has installed Internet phone service for 2, 400 workers worldwide and enabled Web seminars for up to 12, 200 people at once.

    FORBES: What Makes Cisco Run

  • The chief executive of RSL is demonstrating his company's Internet phone service.

    FORBES: Srpska calling

  • Companies like Delta-Three, run by Naom Bardin in New York, take international internet phone calls and connect them into the standard telephone networks.

    BBC: The internet in 2002

  • Its Net Fone package bundles broadband access, Internet phone service and free-to-air TV channels, and is attracting nearly 30, 000 new customers a month.

    FORBES: Spend, Spend, Spend

  • Internet phone upstart Vonage could be told to shut down its business Friday because of a patent dispute with telecommunications giant Verizon Communications .

    FORBES: Will Vonage Pay Up Or Shut Down?

  • If Congress does nothing, we will probably end up paying more for a fast network optimized for Internet phone calls and video and shopping.

    FORBES: No Winners in Net Neutrality Debate

  • That's not a reason to ignore the benefits of Internet phone calls, but should give consumers and IT managers pause before they deploy VoIP systems.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Concerns have been raised by consumer groups over whether Comcast is giving preferential treatment to its Digital Voice Internet phone service over competing Internet phone services.

    WSJ: FCC Sets Comcast-Phone Probe

  • Perhaps the biggest concern for users of Internet phone systems is their susceptibility to the same kind of malicious attacks that cripple personal computers every day.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Each month Yahoo hosts a billion minutes of Internet phone calls, ships 6.1 billion messages and e-mails, and runs 15 million hours of audio and video.

    FORBES: The Killer Ad Machine

  • Encouraged by strong growth in the company's Internet phone service, the Dolans--who already operate and own 20% of Cablevision--may be ready to take on Verizon Communications.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The router then determines the user's security clearance and gives his machine the right data and services, from Internet phone to online chat to two-way video broadcast.

    FORBES: What Makes Cisco Run

  • ITXC, a wholesaler of Internet phone calls, now hauls international traffic for 13 of the top 14 conventional phone carriers in the U.S. Callers are none the wiser.

    FORBES: Sound Idea

  • Records will include people's activity on social network sites, webmail, internet phone calls and online gaming, though officers will still need a warrant to see the content of messages.

    BBC: Public consultation on 'web snooping' plans ends

  • The company in October will launch a hybrid voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that it says combines the low cost of Internet phone calls with the reliability of traditional phone lines.

    FORBES: EarthLink To Bundle Services

  • "I don't need 900 minutes, and I certainly don't need an unlimited plan, " said the University of Michigan admissions counselor, who makes use of Internet phone applications like Google Voice.

    WSJ: Wireless Carriers' Next Move: One Choice for Voice

  • The internet phone service says it has been working on the problem and things are starting to return to normal, though some parts of its network still appear to be down.

    FORBES: Morning Tech Wrap: Skype, Net Neutrality, Call of Duty

  • The same year, Italian authorities told the European Union that criminals involved in prostitution rings, arms sales and drug trafficking were turning to Skype and similar Internet phone services to evade police.

    WSJ: Mideast Uses Western Tools to Battle the Skype Rebellion

  • Aided by a couple of Internet telephone veterans, he put the telephone switch at the center of the operating system and made it possible to connect it to almost any Internet phone system (except Skype).

    FORBES: Dial D for Disruption

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