• LevelUp previously relied on an internal force of 14 salespeople.

    FORBES: Interchange Fees Are For Suckers: LevelUp Hints At The Future Of Mobile Payments

  • Fortunately for him, his 120, 000-strong internal security force is bigger and better equipped than the regular army.

    ECONOMIST: Slavic disunion? | The

  • Spellings can be expected to defend her actions, and has appointed an internal task force on the matter.

    NPR: Report: JPMorgan Chase Paid Student-Aid Officers

  • After the Iran-Iraq war, the Basij returned to its role as an internal security force to enforce Islamic morality.

    CNN: Feared Basij militia has deep history in Iranian conflict

  • Raymond Odierno, Charles Jacoby and Frank Helmick explained the goal: to return the country to Iraqis with an internal security force capable of protecting the country.

    CNN: Commentary: A week with the heroes

  • Israel's attorney general said Wednesday that Shin Bet, the country's internal security force, can search a foreign traveler's e-mail, but only in exceptional cases in which "relevant suspicious signs" are observed.

    CNN: Israeli security allowed to seek check of tourists' e-mail

  • He died from internal bleeding after blunt force trauma caused lacerations to his liver.

    BBC: Glenn Clary murder trial: Defendant 'admitted killing'

  • Asking it to employ maximum force in internal operations -- causing casualties in the process among the very people it is meant to protect -- has repercussions.


  • Dorset Police is to hold an internal review after the force was alerted to threatening text messages sent by a man who went on to murder two people.

    BBC: Stephen Farrow

  • U-turn, issued a belated apology to the Lawrence family, and admitted in front of Sir William's inquiry that the force's internal inquiry had itself been flawed.

    ECONOMIST: Six young Britons

  • In contrast, 40 years from now Europe's economic growth rate is expected to fall 40%, due directly to the shrinking size of both its labor force and its internal market.

    FORBES: New Geographer

  • It's being led by the RSPCA, with a separate internal disciplinary investigation going on in the force.

    BBC: Met Police handler injured after force dog deaths

  • "An internal investigation has been completed and the force has concluded that Dorset Police responded appropriately given the information available at the time, " it added.

    BBC: Stephen Farrow: Dorset Police cleared over murderer texts

  • State media quoted the ministry as praising "the firm Russian stance which is based on the UN principles of non-interference in internal affairs or the threat to use force against the safety of any state".

    BBC: Syria conflict: US says Assad can have no post-war role

  • However, two other pathologists later separately concluded that Mr Tomlinson - who had been pushed by a police officer - died of internal bleeding as a result of blunt force trauma, in combination with cirrhosis of the liver.

    BBC: Tomlinson pathologist 'irresponsible' in earlier cases

  • The threat of litigation or prosecution will likely force many more companies to launch internal audits of options accounting.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • East Timor would have its own parliament, its own elections, its own political parties, its own judiciary, its own police force, control over its own internal security, cultural, social and educational policy.


  • The World Bank also became a destructive force by turning a blind eye to internal corruption when awarding lucrative construction contracts and by ignoring massive corruption in its client countries.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • They were also slow to realise that senior managers at Vivendi were exploiting the agencies' traditional reluctance to force an issuer to make public highly sensitive internal financial information.

    ECONOMIST: Credit-rating agencies

  • He told the court it was a "blunt force trauma to her abdomen that had been delivered with such force that it had caused massive and ultimately fatal internal injuries".

    BBC: Lia Green

  • And those differences led to an investigation by the LAPD's internal affairs unit, Dorner's eventual dismissal from the force and a long court battle to clear his name -- a battle he was losing in California courts.

    CNN: Suspect's grudge dates back to 2007 complaint

  • This is not because the Russian state is a particularly effective or efficient one but because power structures, even authoritarian and brutal ones, have a great deal of internal logic and do not easily collapse absent the sudden application of an external force.

    FORBES: The Guardian's Visceral Dislike of Vladimir Putin and Strange Perspective on Russia

  • The high ranking corrupted Canadian officials from the Government of Canada like to blackmail innocent Canadian and foreign executives in the internal trading by shares of companies listed at Toronto stock exchange with the purpose to force them to pay the requested bribes, hence it is very difficult to make the business in Canada.

    FORBES: Canada Trounces U.S. In Best Countries For Business

  • Worse yet, the concessions Mr. Gallucci lavished on North Korea -- not the least of which was the highest level of diplomatic interaction since the end of the Korean War, security assurances "against the threat and use of force, including nuclear weapons" and promises of noninterference in Pyongyang's "internal affairs" -- have served to reinforce the Kims' nuclear ambitions.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Delusions over North Korea

  • Doing so would legitimize the use of chemical weapons, letting regimes that hold power by force know that they can use the world's most reviled weaponry to preserve their rule from internal challenges.

    CNN: Obama must act on Syria chemical weapons

  • In a variation on the theme, Avigdor Kahalani, the minister for internal security, suggests that the army should first bomb Beirut's power plants and water supply, to force the authorities to rein in Hizbullah and thus allow Israel to withdraw safely from the southern zone.

    ECONOMIST: Israel��s mess in Lebanon

  • Investors had better hope that Snow's focus on internal structural reforms is a face-saving way for the U.S. to back away from trying to force Beijing to undermine its currency.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • This is thought to involve training in internal security and counter-insurgency operations provided by elements drawn from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps - both the Quds Force and its ground forces.

    BBC: Could Syria conflict become regional war?

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