• The hearing was adjourned until January with an initial bail condition that he lived with club captain Kevin Nolan.

    BBC: Assault charge against Newcastle player Carroll dropped

  • However, under the terms of the tender, the initial 18 jets must be supplied in a fly-away condition between the third and fourth year of signing of the contract, he said.

    WSJ: India Still to Finalize Terms for Jet Deal With Dassault

  • Publicist Lauren Papapietro denied initial media reports the singer had been admitted to hospital to be treated for his condition.

    BBC: Morrissey postpones show due to double pneumonia

  • "Following this initial step forward, we will continue to remain cautious while we assess the Kulluk's condition, " said Martin Padilla, commander of the refloating effort.

    NPR: Grounded Shell Oil-Drilling Ship Refloated

  • Obviously, we do not expect a return to the glory days of the late 1990s, but Apple's financial condition looks remarkably similar today as it did back in 1997 when it made its initial appearance as stock of the month.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In this form of the disease, the condition remains stable and often doesn't progress to serious forms of MS after the initial attack.

    CNN: Multiple sclerosis

  • The suspect's medical condition may also delay matters if he is not able to fully assist his counsel in the initial stages.


  • The initial public announcement of the pregnancy before the usual three-month mark was prompted by the duchess's medical condition.

    BBC: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

  • An aviation official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to talk to reporters, blamed the pilot, saying initial results of the investigation showed he jumped out when the fire began, instead of shutting off valves that would have prevented the gas canister from exploding.

    NPR: Fiery Balloon Accident Kills 19 Tourists In Egypt

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