• He customized an electronic information system that tracks whether patients are meeting their goals.

    NEWYORKER: The Hot Spotters

  • But Mark Udall reckons that when you're building irrigation ditches—or, nowadays, creating a drought-information system—results matter most.

    ECONOMIST: The family history continues

  • At the top of Mr Struck's wish-list are a joint forces information system, reconnaissance equipment and armoured transport vehicles.

    ECONOMIST: German defence

  • Therefore, resources tend to be managed at the executive level, often through a sophisticated hierarchy and a well-developed information system.

    FORBES: HR Analytics And Competitive Advantage

  • Since 1992, the Canadian Investment Dealers Association has been trying to create a real-time price-information system for Canadian government bonds and treasury bills.

    ECONOMIST: Bond trading

  • The Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) is an open, online database and tool on the biodiversity, geographic distribution and abundance of marine life.


  • The Internet, for example, offers a new information system, a new marketplace, a new form of communication and a new means of distribution.

    ECONOMIST: A thinkers’ guide | The

  • The company dumped its information system division in 2003 and, last year, spun off its wireline business to leave it as a pure wireless company.

    FORBES: Alltel To Go Private For Pricey $27.5B

  • November 2008: Media sources report that Chinese hackers penetrate the White House information system on numerous occasions, penetrating for brief periods before systems are patched.

    FORBES: Congress Bans Scientific Collaboration with China, Cites High Espionage Risks

  • This is the role of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, and specifically the Ocean Biogeographic Information System, part of the International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange.


  • The Maori Land Court has also created electronic copies within its database, the Maori Land Information System for the public to use at Maori Land Court registries.

    UNESCO: Memory of the World - New Inscriptions

  • Counter intuitively, the hardest part of realizing a decent data infrastructure is not the hardware or technology choice, but the design and architecture of your information system.

    FORBES: 4 Steps to Turning Big Data into Business Impact

  • Like many cities, Greenwich has created a geographic information system - a map that shows all the hidden bones and arteries of modern civilization: water mains, storm sewers, utility lines.

    NPR: Security Officials Seek to Block Some Online Maps

  • And then the third thing I think we need to do is to develop a better information system that actually tracks what is happening with exactly the sorts the things we're talking about.

    NPR: Can Climate Change Explain Odd Weather?

  • People on the ground can also use a geographical information system that displays farmer contact data, farm size and location, tree inventory and price information, which makes it easier to forecast and optimize cashew collection.

    FORBES: Nut Farmers in Ghana Crack into Mobile Technology

  • One component of this project is development of a Hydro-meteorological data sharing information system called PIFMIS. Main theme of PIFMIS aka knowledge platform is Hydro-meteorological data entry, analysis, and display of flood related information in a user-friendly way.


  • Furthermore, the participants of seminar gave practical suggestions for improvement of scientific-research and educational potential of investigation and usage of underground water with an adoption of information and communication technologies, including geographical information system and present-day simulation methods and forecasting approach.


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