• In recent years officials have repeatedly called on manufacturers to use less elaborate packaging in order to cut down on waste and make mooncakes more affordable.

    ECONOMIST: One derivatives market still thrives

  • WarZ raised the player limit on servers to 70, in order to cut down on the active servers.

    FORBES: The War Z Developer: Valve Was Right to Pull Game

  • Secondly, Chief Executive Roger Deromedi Roger Deromedi is sparking a second wave of job cuts: 8, 000 to be exact, in a bid to cut down on costs.

    FORBES: Deromedi's Kraft Goes Lean Again

  • The program has done this for the last seven to eight years, in an effort to cut down on travel time and stress for the program.

    FORBES: A Final Four Berth Means Big Money For Wichita State Basketball

  • In an effort to cut down on travel and boost productivity, Mr Katzenberg looked into videoconferencing in 2001 and found it clunky, unreliable and fiddly.

    ECONOMIST: Videoconferencing

  • The growth in demand for solar technology from China could ease the oversupply situation in the industry as traditional markets in Europe look to cut down subsidies enjoyed by renewable sources.

    FORBES: Asian Demand May Be Bright Spot For Suntech

  • In 1669, in a bid to cut down on violence, King Louis XIV of France decreed all pointed knives on the street or the dinner table illegal, and ordered all knife points ground down.

    FORBES: No. 1 The Knife

  • Design-wise the Nexus 4 Wireless Charger looks similar to a smaller Nexus Q cut in half, down to the matching recessed square connector cutout.


  • On the western boundary stood a line of ash trees that he wished, in dictatorial moods, to cut down, because they filled his garden with seeds.

    ECONOMIST: Christopher Lloyd

  • Supporters of the U.S. private-pay system fear a shift in power to Washington will cut down on the innovation and choice that comes with the free market.

    FORBES: Two Girls Two Countries One Cancer

  • But by the second half of that year it became apparent that the Plaza Accord had failed in its real mission to cut down on the U.S. trade deficit.

    FORBES: Fears That Sparked Black Monday In 1987 Dormant But Not Dead

  • The American people in their wisdom, reelected Obama despite the fact that he wants to cut America down to size, strangle the economy in regulations and unaffordable welfare handouts and then gut its military.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Chuck Hagel - It's the anti-Americanism, stupid

  • But doctors also remember the fetal heart monitor, introduced with great enthusiasm in the 1970s as a way to cut down on birth injuries by alerting doctors to fetal distress in time to remove the baby via Caesarean section.

    FORBES: Defensive Medicine

  • But that comes a distant second in irritation level to spending money on items that will cut the wait time down, or in other words, paying to have the game speed up in order to actually play it.

    FORBES: Review: Game of Thrones Ascent

  • Against this background, Mr Putin's promise, when he became president in 2000, to cut the oligarchs down to size was justified and welcome.

    ECONOMIST: Russia

  • But guess what: Mr Berlusconi has scuppered an 18-month-long attempt at constitutional reform, largely because he was thwarted in his desire to cut the magistracy down to size.

    ECONOMIST: The Berlusconi problem

  • As The New York Times reports, some people are complaining that the company is acting too slowly and not doing enough, failing to try to cut down in sugar in carbonated beverages, for instance.

    FORBES: Wal-Mart Leads the Way on Obesity--in Both Directions

  • An accelerator based in New York is seeking to cut down that timeframe and increase the possibility of success by maximizing efficiency and providing developmental assistance for film projects it thinks has a real shot at going all the way.

    FORBES: Accelerating Film: Mixing Business and Art

  • He founded FlatRate Moving in 1991, a company that sought to find out as much as possible about its clients requirements in order to submit an accurate price and cut down on inefficiencies that irritated clients and cut into his profits.

    FORBES: A Startup to Take the Sting Out of Moving

  • As the second-quarter reports have come in, Europe has been a defining theme and concern as governments throughout the region have cut spending in an effort to bring down deficits.


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