• The paper reported the combined ashes would be spread over where the Colorado River and the Little Colorado River merge in the Grand Canyon.

    CNN: Goldwater's Body To Be Cremated; Funeral Set For Wednesday

  • By comparison, "tonight we're landing in the Grand Canyon, " he said.

    CNN: Rover Curiosity near Mars landing

  • Tom Udall proudly lists the wilderness areas he has preserved and speaks of his father's decision not to build a dam in the Grand Canyon.

    ECONOMIST: The family history continues

  • When several hundred rather destructive donkeys were to be shot in the Grand Canyon national park, the fund paid for them to be lifted out by helicopter.

    ECONOMIST: Cleveland Amory | The

  • McCain has compared it to drilling in the Grand Canyon.

    NPR: Gov. Palin Has Reputation For Independence

  • Barry Goldwater's body will be cremated and a newspaper reports his ashes will be mixed with those of his first wife and spread in the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

    CNN: America Says Farewell To Barry Goldwater

  • And six months later, somewhere between talking stars with an astronomer in the Grand Canyon and almost getting arrested for plastering poems on lamp posts in my city at 2 am, I felt better.

    BBC: The bloom of cancer

  • PHOENIX, Ariz. (AllPolitics, June 2) -- Barry Goldwater's body will be cremated after his funeral Wednesday, and a newspaper reports his ashes will be mixed with those of his first wife and spread in the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

    CNN: Goldwater's Body To Be Cremated; Funeral Set For Wednesday

  • The canyon was inhabited by native peoples as far back as 10, 000 BC, European explorers braved the inhospitable terrain first in the 1500s and then again in the 1800s, and the canyon became accessible to its first influx of visitors in 1901 when the Grand Canyon Railway was built to service mining claims.

    BBC: Touring the American Southwest in a cowboy’s boots

  • Muir fought to protect Yosemite and later Glacier Bay in Alaska, Mount Rainier in Washington and the Grand Canyon and the Petrified Forest in Arizona.

    BBC: Birth and spread of the world’s national parks

  • When asked by ABC how he planned to top the walk over Niagara Falls, Wallenda said he hopes to become the first person in the world to walk a tightrope across the Grand Canyon, in Arizona.

    CNN: Daredevil completes walk across Niagara Falls

  • The 16-day festival, which despite its name is mostly in September, routinely attracts over 6 million visitors - more than visit the Grand Canyon in any year, and more than the populations of Chicago and Houston, our third and fourth biggest cities, combined.

    FORBES: Festival: Oktoberfest Munich

  • He also played a major role in keeping dams out of Dinosaur National Monument, the Yukon, and the Grand Canyon, and in establishing the National Wilderness Preservation System.

    CNN: Environmentalist David Brower dead at 88

  • For the next twelve months he windsurfed on a Greek island and hiked Machu Picchu and hung out on the beach in Rio and descended into the Grand Canyon on and on around the world, while his company thrived without him.

    FORBES: To Lead, Go on a Long Vacation

  • The historic railway runs south to north, from the Williams Depot in Williams, Arizona to the Grand Canyon Depot, 65 miles north.

    BBC: Touring the American Southwest in a cowboy’s boots

  • In another 300 or more miles, it will reach the Grand Canyon in Arizona, carving out gorges that are even deeper, but not quite as wayward as here.

    BBC: Utah’s astonishing wild side

  • The top pick in the natural wonders category is far more visible, especially from the beaches of Waikiki: Diamond Head State Monument in Honolulu tops the list, followed by the Grand Canyon, Northern California's Muir Woods and other awe-inspiring natural sites in the United States and beyond.

    CNN: Natural wonders: A top 10 list

  • In a quest to find the ultimate in lightweight luxury, I have dispatched Jon Bruner, the same intrepid Forbes reporter that I sent to Romania on five hours notice in January, to Supai, a town at the bottom of the Grand Canyon that bills itself as the most remote in the continental United States.

    FORBES: Escape from the Grand Canyon: Man Vs. Mule

  • Floods were sent down the Grand Canyon in 1996 and 2004 and the results were mixed.

    ECONOMIST: Flooding the Grand Canyon

  • First exercised by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 to designate Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming, the authority of the Antiquities Act has been used by 16 presidents since 1906 to protect unique natural and historic features in America, such as the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, and Colorado's Canyons of the Ancients.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • If the Arizona House passes a bill approved by the AZ Senate today, presidential candidates would have to prove they were born in the United States, if they want any votes from the Grand Canyon state.

    FORBES: Arizona Note to Candidates: Don't Forget Your Circumcision Papers

  • However, the gulf in experience between them and their foes is larger than the Grand Canyon.

    FORBES: Money Talks: Yanks, Phils Likely To Meet Again

  • We enjoyed beheadings, disembowellings, sexual assaults—all sorts of flickering R-rated depravity—the way others might take in a Grand Canyon vista: as a family.

    NEWYORKER: A Psychotronic Childhood

  • Maybe the biggest news about Thor is this: Thompson plans to go out West this summer with Angela, his wife of 37 years, to see the Rockies and the Grand Canyon--in an Airstream.

    FORBES: Lord of the Rigs

  • The difference in opinion concerning the long-term global economic outlook has grown to the size of the Grand Canyon.

    FORBES: The Fight of the Century: Bond Buyers versus Gold Bugs

  • The Secretary of the Interior is in charge of overseeing 500 million acres of public land -- including places like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon -- and protecting our natural heritage for our children and our grandchildren and their children to come.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Nominates Sally Jewell as Secretary of the Interior | The White House

  • These unsung passages function as the smaller veins feeding into the main artery of the Grand Canyon, the up-to-18-mile-wide, mile-deep gash in the earth through which 227 miles of the Colorado River snakes.

    WSJ: The Grand Canyon's Secret Network

  • From rafting the Grand Canyon to sailing the Galapagos to trekking in the Himalayas, the world is filled with true once-in-a-lifetime adventures and destinations.

    FORBES: 10 Trips That Will Change Your Life

  • The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, that psychedelic cleft in the land that reduced Charles Cook to jaw-slackened silence, might more convincingly belong in another solar system.

    BBC: The king of US national parks

  • Strel plans to swim across the Grand Canyon , along 1, 000 miles of the freezing Mackenzie River in Canada, and the length of the 2, 000-mile Volga .

    BBC: What adventures are actually left?

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