• Dolan has acknowledged his Italian isn't strong seen as a handicap for a job in which the lingua franca of day-to-day work is Italian.

    NPR: Conclave To Elect Next Pope Opens Amid Uncertainty

  • In the 1980s he accompanied Mr Wen, then in charge of the party Central Committee's day-to-day work, on a provincial trip.

    ECONOMIST: Populist politics in China

  • Like the powerful nickel-metal-hydride battery in the Toyota Prius that he drives to work every day, the one with the license plate OVONIC.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • There is much speculation, not only about who could fill Kennedy's leadership role, but also his day-to-day work in the Senate.

    CNN: Can anyone in the Senate match Ted Kennedy's clout?

  • The Columbus Blue Jackets, like the NHL office, have plans in place to reduce staff hours to a four-day work week by November 1, unless the lockout ends before then.

    FORBES: NHL Clubs Preparing For Long Lockout

  • In the beginning, you may do much of the day-to-day work of your organization, but to grow, you must delegate those jobs so you have time to run the business, as Margery Kraus, CEO of APCO Worldwide, a global consulting firm, and Hester Taylor Clark, founder of The Hester Group, a project management company, explain in Growing Means Learning to Work On Your Business Not In It.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • In practice the ECB would rely heavily on national supervisors for its day-to-day work.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • Alex Salmond in overall command, his deputy as the day-to-day minister and Kevin Pringle starting work next week back at the SNP, co-ordinating party effort on the referendum after demitting his government post.

    BBC: Shaking it up

  • In spite of this, it is often easy to lose the connection between the day-to-day work of an organization and its overall mission.

    FORBES: The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins as Big Gains

  • In 1948, the British 10, 000-meter runner Stan Cox had to take a day off work for his race.

    WSJ: Social Media

  • It seems that sitting in our pajamas all day does not always trump the cut and thrust of face-to-face office work.

    FORBES: The Power of Place

  • This covers everything from the people who work in the cafeterias and day-care centres on military bases to accountants and the managers of health-care plans for employees.

    ECONOMIST: Defence spending

  • Or she confided in you that when she leaves work for the day, she goes home to a television-free home to spend time with a cup of coffee, her husband and absolutely no connection to the internet (it must be torturous to not understand technology).

    FORBES: Generation Faceoff: Who Actually Gets To Eat Lunch?

  • He would then send an end-of-day report on the work he paid a company in Shenyang, China, to do for him.

    CNN: '4-hour' work guru on China outsourcer: Bad karma

  • Postal staff in Northern Ireland have started to work on the backlog of mail following the end of their six-day strike.

    BBC: Postal staff back to work

  • Both Novartis and Merck (nyse: MRK - news - people ) are nearing FDA approval for once-a-day pills that work in a fashion similar to Byetta, although without the promise of weight loss.

    FORBES: Fat City

  • In Salzburg in the mid-1930s, he had the good fortune to work as assistant to two of the day's top conductors, Bruno Walter and Arturo Toscanini.

    ECONOMIST: Saluting Solti

  • He never saw clearly enough to find Nessie except on that one day in 1972, when he had been too moved and excited to work the Super-8 camera that shook in his hand.

    ECONOMIST: Robert Rines | The

  • You know, it's easy, after a hard day's work, to just put your kid in front of the TV set -- you're tired, don't want to fuss with them -- instead of reading to them, but that's a sacrifice we must joyfully accept.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama on Dr. King's Legacy

  • And on the hygiene front - well, I've seen people turn up to work in the same shirt every day.

    BBC: Doctors

  • Parties in Macedonia's fractious coalition government started a two-day summit in parliament in Skopje to work on details of a deal to end the insurgency.

    CNN: Rebels extend Macedonia cease-fire

  • Pope Benedict's last words on his final day in office - as he greeted one-by-one the cardinals - were a plea to work together in harmony.

    BBC: The day Benedict XVI's papacy ended

  • And I want to pay tribute to Britain's servicemen and women - and those civilians deployed on operations - who every day face danger doing vital work in the service of our country --- and in particular to remember today the sacrifices made for our country by all who have been injured or lost their lives in Iraq, Afghanistan and other theatres of war.

    BBC: In full: Brown security statement

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