• The lessees are seeking a judgment that they are not in default of the lease.

    FORBES: Norfolk Southern v. Power REIT: Heads: Win Big; Tails: Lose Nothing

  • Greece has been in default of its debt half of the time since the end of World War II.

    FORBES: Smacked In The Face By A Headline

  • If he is suspended by the NFL, Vick would be considered in default of his contract, and the Falcons could try to reclaim the signing bonus.

    NPR: Vick to Plead Guilty to Dogfighting-Related Charges

  • There are less than 10 percent of the companies who are in default of their covenants, so we think the supply base is also looking much more stable.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • New Century said Tuesday that several other lenders had reported it's in default of loan agreements, adding that the Securities and Exchange Commission has requested documents and was starting an investigation.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The company warned that if all resolutions were not passed at the meeting, the group would be in default of its banking facilities and it would have insufficient cash to allow it to continue to trade.

    BBC: workers at Superglass

  • Second, as with municipal bankruptcy, a new bankruptcy law would allow states in default or in danger of default to reorganize their finances free from their union contractual obligations.

    FORBES: Is State Bankruptcy The Next Wave in Public Employee Union Busting?

  • In Florida, 73% (156 issues at last count) of all the CDD bond issues are in default and many of the projects will never get built.

    FORBES: Buffett Frets Over Municipals, So Should You

  • Standardization was also a way of reprogramming life elsewhere in the default settings of the metropole.

    NEWYORKER: Glory Days

  • To calculate the value of each loan in their portfolio, for example, bankers need to know three things: how much it will earn the bank if fully paid back, how likely the borrower is to default and, in the case of default, how much the bank can expect to get back.

    ECONOMIST: Discredited

  • It gets even worse, Mr. Singer says, if the government ever deems a financial giant "in danger of default"—a judgment that can be made without the consent of the firm or its investors.

    WSJ: The Weekend Interview with Paul Singer: Mega-Banks and the Next Financial Crisis

  • The faction on Capitol Hill that seemed to revel in the prospect of default was, in the end, ignored and compromise was achieved, because it was simply unacceptable to responsible leaders in Washington to accept the idea that the United States would default.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • This both increases the volatility of equity returns and transfers value from debt to equity in the presence of default risks but has little to do with the Modigliani-Miller theorem in which default risk plays no part.

    ECONOMIST: No soft option

  • Banks will seize such virtual assets in case of a default, or renegotiate the terms of a loan if a company misses a launch date, a sales target or an expected follow-on round of venture capital.

    FORBES: Going Into Hock

  • At the same time some have proposed that Greece should temporarily enter default in a move that would bridge one episode of the crisis to a way forward despite staunch ECB opposition to any initiative that might appear in the lexicon of default.

    FORBES: The EU Is Out To Lunch

  • So the money that would be paid out on the CDS contracts in the event of a Greek default is already pretty much all in the bank accounts of the people who would gain it and out of the bank accounts of the people who would lose it.

    FORBES: Don't Fear the Greek CDS

  • Microsoft is in hot water with big-brand advertisers over its implementation of Do-Not-Track by default in the latest iteration of its Internet Explorer browser.

    FORBES: Microsoft Sticks With Do Not Track Default: And Boy Are The Advertisers Angry

  • At first, these were taken out by the buyers of bonds like Soundview 2005-1 - to protect themselves in case of default.

    BBC: Today

  • Italy is not in danger of default and can turn itself around and the ECB's independence must be preserved at all costs.

    ECONOMIST: The European Central Bank

  • And that the countries in the eurozone must give up some sovereignty on fiscal policy, or face a euro armageddon in case of default.

    FORBES: Soros: The Euro's Future Depends On Germany

  • The loan guarantee acts as lenders' insurance in case of default or unforeseen delay for technologies trying to go commercial for the first time.

    WSJ: Proposal Aims to Gut DOE Loan Program

  • Both could very likely get lower interest rates from private lenders if those lenders got the promise of a part-gold payment in the event of default.

    FORBES: End The Euro Zone Crisis Now: Let PIIGS Borrow Against Their Gold

  • Nearly a third of our states do not allow lenders the recourse provisions necessary to go after a borrower's personal assets in case of default on a residential mortgage.

    WSJ: Robert Bridges: A Home Is a Lousy Investment

  • Trimming debt only for homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments could lead other homeowners to default in hopes of getting a break—and could inflame those who believe it is unfair.

    WSJ: Forgiving Principal to Help Housing Market

  • Battery maker A123 Systems this afternoon warned that the company expects to be in default on certain of its debt agreements effective tomorrow, and could end up filing for bankruptcy protection.

    FORBES: A123 To Default On Debt Agreements; Bankruptcy Possible

  • In a way, this is natural: the Fund was established back in the 1940s precisely so that it could act, among other things, as the lender of last resort to countries in danger of default.

    ECONOMIST: The IMF and Asia | The

  • But a unit of insurer XL Capital, which held some of ESP's junior notes, pointed to a different section of the contract, claiming that in the event of default all note holders would continue getting interest payments before dishing out any principal to BNP Paribas.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • On the other side of the coin are serial defaulters such as Greece, which according to authors Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff has spent more than half of its existence since independence in 1829 in a state of default.

    WSJ: Lessons for Euro From Two Revolutions

  • To see how this affects funding costs, look at credit default swaps, which typically assume a 40% recovery rate in the event of default.

    WSJ: Agenda: Basel III—Don't We Have Enough Problems?

  • So in the aftermath of a default, creditors would in theory have to sit still and wait over many years to find out what Greece either could or would want to pay back.

    BBC: Is a Greek default so bad for Greece?

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