• If they suppress it, they will seem like they are working in collusion with corrupt local officials.

    FORBES: How The Internet Plays Key Role In China's New Long March To Modernization

  • "The government is killing our leadership in collusion with the U.S. And yet it speaks of peace talks, " said Mr. Ehsan.

    WSJ: Pakistani Taliban Call Off Peace Talks

  • It can therefore be easy to deny, in collusion with parallel interests, the evidence of the implementation of the process of cold fusion.

    FORBES: Cold Fusion: Theory or Fact?

  • Late last year General Musharraf survived two assassination attempts that were blamed on religious extremists, possibly in collusion with military or intelligence insiders.

    ECONOMIST: Pakistan’s proliferator-in-chief | The

  • The content creators, in collusion with their Washington allies, chose to forgo the democratic process in drafting a solution that all sides can agree on.

    FORBES: Save the Internet: Take Action Against SOPA

  • But the opposition Justice Party says that parties loyal to the president, in collusion with the authorities, have bribed voters, beaten up opposition activists and stuffed ballot boxes.

    BBC: Observers condemn Armenian poll

  • This made us develop an awareness which eventually led us to commit ourselves to the struggle against the domination of the capitalists of our country in collusion with the U.S. government.

    CNN: Ortega: Third time lucky?

  • The typical fraudster is male, aged 36 to 45, holds a senior job in finance, has worked for his company for more than a decade and acts in collusion with a partner.

    FORBES: The State of Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance According To Protiviti

  • He said his party had launched a petition of concern over the motion because some members of the UDR had acted outside of the law and sometimes in collusion with loyalist paramilitaries.

    BBC: Debate on the 40th anniversary of UDR

  • "Diamond production must not be governed by a predatory elite which is in collusion with mining companies for its own benefit, " he was quoted as saying at the conference by South Africa's Business Day newspaper.

    MSN: Zimbabwe diverts $2 billion in diamonds: gem watchdog

  • Urdangarin and his partner, Diego Torres, are under investigation for allegedly using the company to siphon millions of euros in taxpayer money, obtained in collusion with corrupt regional officials, to offshore bank accounts and his own companies.

    FORBES: Princess Subpoenaed Deepens Spanish Crown's Turmoil

  • Sinn Fein for its part believes that it's carried out it's obligations under the Good Friday agreement and is angered at what it sees as a British Secretary of State acting in collusion with a unionist party.

    BBC: Taoiseach's veteran optimism on NI

  • Murphy and his crew at the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee contend that the Fed, in collusion with other central banks, has been keeping the gold prices artificially low for about the past 15 years through manipulation of global reserves.


  • In close collusion with Netanyahu's political opponents and the local media, for three years Clinton worked steadily to overthrow him.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Netanyahu's grand coalition

  • Business is often perceived in Azerbaijan as operating in intimate collusion with the government, which opposition activists argue is riddled with corruption.

    NPR: Car Accident Triggers Unrest In Azerbaijan Town

  • In 2010, ministers authorised a multi-million pound pay-out to men from the UK who were held in Guantanamo Bay - a deal that avoided their evidence of alleged collusion with the US emerging in open court in what could have become a mammoth legal battle.

    BBC: UK pays ?2.2m to settle Libyan rendition claim

  • The commando raid also exposed the depth of Syria's collusion with Iran in arming Hizbullah.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The mullahs' big week

  • Russian officials remember well their recent experience in Iraq, in which long-standing collusion with the Saddam regime led to their ouster from lucrative contracts following the end of Ba'athist rule.


  • The growth of speculative investments became more rapid with collusion between some people in authority, some financiers and tycoons.


  • The murder of the prominent solicitor and Catholic father of three was one of the most controversial of the Northern Ireland Troubles with allegations of state collusion in his killing.

    BBC: Pat Finucane murder: Family oppose security check

  • In just one notable instance, for the past week Israeli tennis players, Amir Haddad and Andy Ram have been suffering the consequences of the Left's collusion with these anti-Jewish groups in Sweden.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Are you proud to be a leftist?

  • Her family said she was the victim of death threats because of her willingness to speak out in public about alleged sectarianism within the security forces and collusion with loyalist terror groups.

    BBC: Rosemary Nelson

  • In the past, the U.S. military in Iraq has detained Al Jazeera reporters and accused them of collusion with insurgents.

    NPR: Israelis Shun Al Jazeera's Arabic News Network

  • Even in technology-driven markets with only a few competitors, collusion is difficult.

    FORBES: Three Reasons to Worry

  • The likes of Madeleine Albright, Powell and Condoleezza Rice claimed that Fatah's collusion with Hamas and Islamic Jihad and its leading role in terror was a consequence of insufficient Israeli support for Arafat and later for Abbas.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: History's tragic farce

  • In his review of the murder of Pat Finucane, Sir Christopher de Silva said he had adopted a "working definition" of collusion less broad than that of Judge Cory and more in line with that of the Billy wright inquiry panel.

    BBC: How has collusion been defined?

  • Earlier this month for instance, supporters released 5 gigabytes of data which they said uncovered collusion between the Brazilian government and financial sector, with CIA involvement thrown in.

    FORBES: Anonymous Hacks BART After Cellphone Blockade

  • Your opinions, which are often offered in an attempt to connect through collusion, do not help your team, but instead plague them with doubt and uncertainty that the business is heading in the wrong direction.

    FORBES: Check Your Opinions At The Door

  • Last year Visa and MasterCard settled a legal dispute with a group of merchants claiming collusion on the part of credit card issuers in fixing swipe fees, the amount the credit card companies charge a merchant for each transaction.

    FORBES: New Credit Card Swipe Fee Rules Are Good News For Shoppers

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