• See, because that could mean just one vote in your neighborhood, just a single vote in an apartment building or a college dorm room, somebody who sits next to you in a cafeteria.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Ms. PEGGY LEE (School Lunch Administrator): And I remember sitting in a cafeteria in elementary school and I didn't want my peas and I put them in my milk carton beca--and tried to hide them because the teacher wouldn't let me go until I'd eaten all my peas.

    NPR: Nutrition, Business At Odds in U.S. School Cafeterias

  • Finally a friend from the United Arab Emirates asked him to join the Muslim Brotherhood, during their conversation in a campus cafeteria.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: An insight into the fifth column

  • But what does it mean when you go from Bill and Dave in shirtsleeves sitting beside you on a bench in the company cafeteria to a ghostlike Carly floating on a television screen?

    FORBES: Great Garages

  • And others argue that Mr Sharon's government should have deferred Mr Shehada's assassination to test an initiative that may not have brought a total end to violence but might at least have prevented the continued slaughter of innocents—whether these are dining in a university cafeteria in Jerusalem or sleeping in their beds in Gaza City.

    ECONOMIST: The ceasefire that wasn't | The

  • The Connecticut House last week passed a ban on junk food in schools, and in Kentucky, a new law will limit Pizza Hut in the cafeteria to just one day a week.

    NPR: Nutrition, Business At Odds in U.S. School Cafeterias

  • That was clear when I gathered two moms and a dad in the cafeteria of the KIPP Believe College Prep School, a new charter school in New Orleans.

    NPR: Parents Pleased with New Orleans Charter School

  • The bell had just rung for lunch, so she went directly to the cafeteria—not waiting in line but into the cafeteria without a tray and still in her jacket, and, in a roaring sort of haze, she was aware of her girlfriends at a nearby table.


  • George Hennard who killed 23 in a Killeen, Texas cafeteria, had definite paranoid thinking.

    FORBES: Why Gun Regulation Is Uncivilized

  • The party takes place in the cafeteria of a church school building on the corner of Clouett and Pleasure streets.

    NPR: Low Wage America: The New Orleans Kids Cafe

  • We competed so keenly that when the school stopped ranking us some industrious students set up a table in the cafeteria where classmates could report their grades.

    NEWYORKER: The Master

  • And so working with university presidents to try to figure out, where can you cut costs -- of course, it may mean that the food in the cafeteria is a little worse and the gym is not as fancy.

    WHITEHOUSE: Twitter Town Hall

  • The eBay Green Team is an informal group that has worked on everything from eliminating Styrofoam cups in the cafeteria (a project my own team of environmentally active students is trying to accomplish at Yale SOM) to pushing for green buildings.

    FORBES: The Employee Push For CSR

  • "We don't have anything in the newsroom for you, but I could see if we could get you a waitressing job in the Times cafeteria, " said the personnel director.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'When Everything Changed'

  • We have an in-house cafeteria with a well-stocked salad bar, drinkable coffee and, on most days, a delicious homemade soup or two.

    FORBES: Lack of Snack Leads To Declined Productivity

  • In the cafeteria there is a large sign posted prominently with the instructions to recognize if someone is choking and how to perform the Heimlich maneuver, should it be necessary.

    FORBES: Of Course There Should be Epinephrine in Our Schools

  • At Facebook, employees can take home a free dinner or, if working late, their families can come in to eat with them, leading to a regular sight of children in the campus cafeteria.

    FORBES: Silicon Valley Employers Go Wild With Lavish Employee Benefits

  • The connected yurts house civilized bathrooms, some picnic tables, a rental shop and a cafeteria where the only hot dishes are those warmed in a microwave by customers themselves.

    FORBES: Avalanche Skiing

  • You could write an article about how Apple is serving a new kind of soup in the cafeteria and there would be thousands of people who would click on the headline.

    FORBES: Why Andrew Ross Sorkin Should Apologize to Steve Jobs

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