• But it is worth remembering that just over a century ago, heavier-than-air flight seemed an impossible dream.

    ECONOMIST: Electric planes

  • Human rights, human rights for all, is not an impossible dream.

    UN: Secretary-General

  • That, of course, sounds like an impossible dream.

    FORBES: CVS Caremark Is The Perfect Stock for 2013

  • What Bryce is mostly selling is American involvement in the world as the only true path to energy security as a counterweight to the impossible dream of energy independence and the nightmarish policies it has spawned.

    FORBES: Reflections And Lessons On Energy Challenges

  • Meanwhile, sham prevails, and not just within the theme park: a busy factory produces only knockoffs of American merchandise and the workers toil for funny money that buys nothing in the world economy and leaves even a plane ride an impossible dream.

    NEWYORKER: The World

  • However, if you must insist on living this impossible dream, Bloomy's latest rumor does at least line up with the piece from the Wall Street Journal in March claiming that CDMA iPhone would begin production in September, giving Apple plenty of time to ramp up for a January launch.

    ENGADGET: Verizon iPhone in January, claims Bloomberg

  • Year after year, century after century, Jews carried on their traditions, and their dream of a homeland, in the face of impossible odds.

    NPR: Transcript: Obama's Speech at AIPAC

  • Dreams change as your circumstances do, but I have even given up on the dream of owning a wheelchair van, for it just seems impossible.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • Similarly, it is impossible for even the most loving coach to get people outside the box of their dream-like condition without inducing a certain amount of trauma as an unintended byproduct.

    FORBES: A Wake-Up Call For Leadership

  • The dream of being a writer and the price one has to pay for excellence are impossible to demonstrate or, really, even to fathom.

    NEWYORKER: A Talent to Abuse

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