• But just at that moment the larva started to bleat, and the savage woman instantly lost her impertinence.

    NEWYORKER: The Slows

  • The minister hemmed and hawed at my impertinence but afterward, I detected a wink from Mitra on my point.

    FORBES: Oh, Calcutta! Need to Know Amit Mitra

  • This mind-boggling impertinence shows exactly where European Middle East policy is leading.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Roadmap to perdition

  • At any rate, corporate governance has come a long way since the not-too-distant days when directors regarded all shareholders' questions as gross impertinence.

    ECONOMIST: German companies

  • However, Guido (umm, think of a political version of National Enquirer, done with wit, impertinence and real venom) decided to recommend that all joined in.

    FORBES: How Not to Use Twitter in Politics

  • His quarrel with Mr Wasmosy sharpened to the point where the president, as commander in chief, ordered him into 30 days of disciplinary arrest for impertinence.

    ECONOMIST: Paraguay

  • At the other end there are the security implications (not to say the damned impertinence) of a network having access to absolutely everything that you do with your smartphone.

    FORBES: Carrier IQ: The Rootkit Keylogger on Most US Smartphones

  • The impertinence was astounding, courting severe punishment.

    NEWYORKER: Rat Beach

  • After FORBES GLOBAL had the impertinence to question the European Union's competition commissioner, Mario Monti, about his working relationship with U.S. regulators after the GE-Honeywell debacle, the Italian professor decided the World Economic Forum in Davos was the ideal public venue to put us across his knee for a hiding.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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