• If, however, they've hitched a ride on a catheter that's implanted into your body, then the bugs can grow a biofilm -- in short, a biological beachhead that will constantly reinfect you and is impenetrable to antibiotics.

    ENGADGET: Alt-week 1.26.13: quadruple DNA helixes, Byzantine mutants and battling hospital bugs

  • Polanski used the dour north coast of Germany as a substitute for the Vineyard in winter, and the cinematographer Pawel Edelman turns the constant downpour and gloom into a beautiful, slate-colored curtain a subdued but enveloping field of lies and secrecy, impenetrable to the Ghost, who is lost among power players far too clever for him.

    NEWYORKER: The Ghost Writer

  • The final document was achieved after years of wrangling thanks to prose that was, in key places, sufficiently impenetrable as to allow the British government (among others) to declare that national sovereignty had been preserved.


  • Certainly Brahms led his personal life in just such a fashion, presenting a gruff, impenetrable exterior to his friends, and never letting romantic attractions lead to commitment or even, so it seems, consummation.

    ECONOMIST: How Brahms saved music from Wagner

  • Talk of common values and the rule of law causes heartburn among such Russian officials as Vladimir Chizhov, a smiling and impenetrable ambassador to the EU. Asked what Russia wants from the EU, he starts with what it does not want: to have it as a bossy patron come to modernise Russia.

    ECONOMIST: Russia, NATO and Europe

  • Like children everywhere, she had made the rules purposely impenetrable in order to stack the odds of winning in her favour.

    BBC: Echoes of an ancient land along Turkey's Abraham Path

  • In 2007, I got a call that my impenetrable mother was rushed to the hospital after a neighbor found her.

    FORBES: Life After Death - The Business of Bouncing Back

  • Jackson brought his troops around, in a quick march, and arranged them in a broad front, in the woods that the Union commander on the right flank had judged to be impenetrable.

    FORBES: War Lessons for Investors I: Accept the Fog of Investing

  • With marque casinos propping up in Macau, Singapore, and now the Philippines, there is yet to be a similar foray into India, where the relatively untapped gaming market has proven thus far to be impenetrable for foreign casino operators.

    FORBES: Could Sri Lanka Become Asia's Next Casino Hotspot?

  • Initially, the jungle was so impenetrable that the consortium had to fly in equipment by helicopter.

    NEWYORKER: Reversal of Fortune

  • If it turns out to be particularly impenetrable, I can always leave it for the following evening.

    WSJ: Will Lyons on Wine: To Decant or Not to Decant

  • The UK's big energy suppliers are trying to digest the impenetrable jargon that cloaks the government's announcement about the contents of its forthcoming Energy Bill.

    BBC: Energy Bill: Will companies now build new power plants?

  • Where large boulders, vertiginous cliff faces and impenetrable gorges force the path to divert, it follows the shortest route around the obstacle back to the next breathtaking vista.

    WSJ: Trekking in Otter Space

  • But when the Islamist advances prompted a French intervention, he moved to the area around the less accessible city of Kidal, close to the virtually impenetrable Ifoghas mountains.


  • There is another way of seeing the Morgan mess, which - some would say - reflects poorly on bankers and regulators: it highlights that bankers have been forced by regulators to do almost nothing to eliminate the impenetrable complexity of how they operate.

    BBC: Does JP Morgan loss show regulators' great failure?

  • And consider the effects of the tens of thousands of operational regulations dictated to business, plus impenetrable IRS rules.

    FORBES: By Eliminating Failure, The Government Robs Us Of Success

  • "Even with all the transparency in the world you have to be a genius to understand these statements, " referring to the near-impenetrable description of derivative contracts and other off-balance-sheet items included in the financial reports and footnotes filed by the banks and investment banks.

    FORBES: Regulate All That Leverage

  • However, given new developments in case law, this previously impenetrable barrier in secrecy is giving way to increased pressure from the U.S. government.

    FORBES: FATCA: Giving More Tools to the IRS

  • Armed with an impenetrable new vocabulary, and without having to master any rigorous thought, they could masquerade as social, political and philosophical critics.

    ECONOMIST: Obituary

  • There are numerous hiking opportunities in the park, including the ascent of the 2, 364m-high Mount Iglit, and the loincloth-wearing indigenous Mangyan people who populate Mindoro's virtually impenetrable interior offer serious explorers a chance to visit one of Southeast Asia's most isolated tribes.

    BBC: The undiscovered jewel of the Philippines

  • Frankly, it's aimed at any enemy that decides to locate in some kind of impenetrable location.

    WSJ: Pentagon Seeks Mightier Bomb vs. Iran

  • Ford, in what is probably an unplayable role, has to maintain a tense, repressed, impenetrable expression throughout.

    NEWYORKER: Presumed Innocent

  • Among other things, the principles established by his scholarship enabled espionage agencies to make their secret codes even more impenetrable and enhanced the security and accuracy of computer data transmission.

    ECONOMIST: Andr�� Weil

  • The republican movement is famously impenetrable but voices within it are still highly resistant to giving up their guns.

    ECONOMIST: Ever closer

  • He transformed the association's previously impenetrable inner sanctum, moving the entire operation from Lancaster Gate to new offices in Soho Square and overseeing a fall in the average age of staff from 55 to 32.

    BBC: Profile: Adam Crozier

  • Impenetrable as offshore trusts may be, their owners still are subject to U.S. law.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The RoadMate 2210, 2210T, 2220-LM, 2230T-LM, 5220-LM, 5230T-LM (pictured) and 5235T-LM all bring in a new Landmark Guidance option to give directions based on landmarks, not just those occasionally impenetrable street numbers.

    ENGADGET: New Magellan RoadMate GPS units navigate by landmarks, steer clear of pesky traffic cameras

  • With every gully an almost impenetrable trench, and every boulder a bomb-proof bunker, it is very easy to defend and almost impossible to advance through.

    BBC: Afghan fighters' shifting loyalties

  • While unaffilliated 3rd party exchange sites like MtGox and online wallets are still figuring out how to deal with their architecture, the bitcoin blockchain itself has thus far proved impenetrable.

    FORBES: Bitcoin: Whatever It Is, It's Not Money!

  • And the big banks could stick to the letter of the Basel rules and appear to be sound, when in fact they were massive, fiendishly complex and impenetrable institutions taking insane risks.

    BBC: If banks are treated as naughty kids...

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