• "We're getting indications of this from interest groups and non-government organizations, " said another immigration official.

    CNN: INS: Many WTC victims illegal immigrants

  • But he was turned away on arrival, when an immigration official found his name on a list of banned visitors.

    ECONOMIST: Macau sails through a test Hong Kong flunked in 2003

  • When a Pakistani immigration official noticed that Odeh did not look like the photograph in his Yemen-issued passport, Odeh was arrested.

    CNN: Prosecution rests in embassy bombings trial

  • It also follows the suspension of an immigration official facing claims he offered help coach an asylum applicant in return for sex.

    BBC: The Home Office says absconders can be criminally charged

  • An immigration official told a local newspaper that when the man was asked about a tattoo of Buddha on his arm he had spoken "very disrespectfully".

    BBC: Sri Lanka bars Buddha tattoo Briton for 'disrespect'

  • Ms Hughes's troubles began on March 7th, when Steve Moxon, a Sheffield immigration official, claimed that East European applicants were being waved through with minimal checks.

    ECONOMIST: The Tories claim a government scalp

  • "The Chinese do not need to physically conquer the Far East because they have already enslaved us economically, " claims Raisa Rozhanskaya, a federal immigration official in Vladivostok.

    FORBES: Issues & Ideas

  • "We have anecdotal information suggesting anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred of them are missing, but we really don't know, " an immigration official told CNN.

    CNN: INS: Many WTC victims illegal immigrants

  • The Times quotes a federal immigration official, Alejandro Mayorkas, director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, who confirms the purpose of the program is to create jobs in high-unemployment areas.

    FORBES: Job Creation Program Stretches Claims About Low-Income Neighborhoods

  • The United States demanded the withdrawal of a Cuban diplomat because of his links to an immigration official, working in Miami, who has been charged with spying for the Cuban government.

    ECONOMIST: McCain is able

  • "All the measures are taken in the context of voluntary return, accompanied by humanitarian aid, " said French immigration ministry official Frederique Doublet.

    BBC: France rounds up hundreds of Roma

  • Most of the countries in the OECD already use shortage lists which are available on their official immigration websites.

    BBC: How it's worked out

  • "This is a cheap-labor program, nothing more, " said Carl Shusterman, a Los Angeles immigration attorney and former Immigration and Naturalization Service official.

    WSJ: Guest Worker Visa Troubles Visit McDonald's

  • This is anathema to Ms Vestager, a vocal critic of Denmark's relentless tightening of immigration controls (though a recent official report claimed they had benefited the economy).

    ECONOMIST: Danish politics

  • He's also known, when he first came on the national political scene, for a stance on immigration that was decidedly different from the stance taken by another well-known Republican official who has had a much harder line on immigration than he did - the president is sort of known as a centrist on these issues.

    NPR: Karl Rove is Out

  • Liberal Democrat Baroness Hamwee said responsibility for immigration statistics should be handed to the Official for National Statistics (ONS).

    BBC: Immigration debate

  • Official data also suggest that immigration may be another factor behind rising birth rates - foreign-born mothers make up nearly a quarter of the figures.

    BBC: Booming birth rate 'a strain on NHS midwifery services'

  • The National Audit Office to review the official statistics to ensure that immigration rules are not being relaxed in order to massage the asylum figuresThe summit follows Mr Blair's promise to take a "close interest" in immigration issues after the resignation of Beverley Hughes last week.

    BBC: Davis: Immigration summit was 'complacent'

  • Undocumented youngsters lie at the intersection of three official priorities: to protect children, to discourage illegal immigration and to economise on public services.

    ECONOMIST: Migrant children

  • Obama wants to ensure that his economic proposals don't get lost in the shuffle in the coming weeks as Congress goes to work on an immigration overhaul and the confirmation process for Obama's second-term Cabinet nominees, a White House official told reporters Sunday aboard Air Force One.

    NPR: Obama To Launch Series Of Trips On Economic Plans

  • But official figures show a large proportion of people entering the country in that period were not subject to immigration control.

    BBC: UK border controls - are they tough enough?

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