• Instead, McKinsey suggested a hub-and-spoke system, with 55 back-office centres serving 10-15 branches each.

    ECONOMIST: Indonesian banking

  • Traditional carriers operate hub-and-spoke networks where 60% of passengers hop on connecting flights to get to their final destinations.

    FORBES: Is There Such a Thing as Nonstop Growth?

  • Some of these nimbler airlines specialize in point-to-point service, instead of the hub-and-spoke system used by the legacy carriers.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Businesses that once generated profit and jobs--heavy manufacturers, hub-and-spoke airlines, travel agencies, newspapers dependent on classified ad sales--can suddenly tumble.

    FORBES: Populist Phonies, Right and Left

  • Because, Mr Fallows argues, of the hub-and-spoke system, developed by the airlines since deregulation to cut their costs and fill their seats.

    ECONOMIST: Air travel

  • Idealab is designing a headquarters in a hub-and-spoke shape, reminiscent of the sort of structure favoured by evil geniuses in James Bond films.

    ECONOMIST: Johnny Appleseed.com

  • But for all its promise of innovation, the A380 represents a bet-the-house wager on one of the most disliked same-old models of air travel: the hub-and-spoke.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Competition has spurred innovations such as hub-and-spoke routing systems and new low-cost carriers such as Southwest Airlines and JetBlue in America and easyJet and Ryanair in Europe.

    ECONOMIST: Is more regulatory reform the answer?

  • Boeing doesn't take the current hub-and-spoke model as a given.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Crandall later converted and used deregulation to steamroll less nimble competitors with his efficient hub-and-spoke strategy, which feeds regional passengers into a central hub where they can transfer to other American flights.

    FORBES: The ghost of Crandall

  • The model that Mr Smith cooked up at Yale, based on a hub-and-spoke system of overnight air delivery, has since expanded to encompass a broad portfolio of businesses contributing to efficient supply chains.

    ECONOMIST: Face value

  • While United, American, Continental, Delta, etc. fought each other toe-to-toe for customers in the hub-and-spoke airline wars (none making any money by the way) Southwest ferried people cheaply between smaller airports on direct flights.

    FORBES: Avoid Gladiator Wars - Invest in David, Make Money Like Apple

  • Virgin Atlantic had also expressed an interest, hoping to integrate bmi's short- and medium-haul routes in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with its own transatlantic routes to form a strong, Heathrow-based hub-and-spoke network.

    ECONOMIST: Business travel

  • Nothing that the industry has tried consolidation, bankruptcy, computer manipulation of pricing, frequent-flier programs, hub-and-spoke route plans, capacity cutbacks, and more has produced the level of consistent profitability that shareholders would expect from any other industry.

    WSJ: Book Review: Attention All Passengers

  • In my hometown of Boston, it would be nearly impossible, due to the fact that I live in the suburbs and the transit system is based on the same hub-and-spoke system the airlines employ.

    FORBES: Private Jets: Efficiency Tools, Not Posh Luxuries

  • The idea is to fan out across India, beginning in the New Delhi area, via a hub-and-spoke model, relying on smaller, general care hospitals in exurban communities and more specialized centers in larger urban areas.

    FORBES: The Hellion Of Health Care

  • It is tempting to want the Internet rebuilt to look more like a highly rational, centrally planned version of an airline system's hub-and-spoke model: big users near big content, as many direct routes as possible.

    FORBES: Weaving The Perfect Net

  • The entrance of new players at the national stage such as Southwest, JetBlue, and Virgin America, among many others, as well as the development of strong hub-and-spoke networks among the major airlines, put strong competitive pressure on the majors.

    CNN: Why American-US Airways deal is good

  • The smaller carriers that do have a significant percentage of hub-and-spoke routes, such as Mesa Air Group and SkyWest, do so as contract carriers for the Big Six: AMR, Delta Air Lines , UAL, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines and U.S. Airways.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • On the other hand, the majors' strengthening of the hub-and-spoke networks (by which travelers go from A to B via a hub in airport C) imply that entry into new markets -- what in the industry is called "city-pairs" -- is relatively simple.

    CNN: Why American-US Airways deal is good

  • With airlines cleaving away from the hub-and-spoke system -- which once rigidly controlled arrival and departure times -- in favor of more or less continuous schedules and red-eye flights, the hotel industry needs to restructure its own arrival and departure policies to reflect modern traffic flow.

    CNN: 10 ways to improve the travel industry right now

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