• She suggests that more groups teach local farmers in poor places how to produce their own crops.

    CNN: As children starve, world struggles for solution

  • Among his frustrations at both networks, he said, was the rigid, formulaic thinking about how to produce a talk show.

    FORBES: Glenn Beck on the CNN 'Pit of Despair' and Why He Got Out of Cable TV

  • Gadwood had to dredge up an article from an 1889 German journal to figure out how to produce the molecule.

    FORBES: Careers

  • The joint venture will provide Sinopec with know-how to produce oil and gas from shale and other unconventional basins in China.

    FORBES: U.S. Policies And Economic Doldrums Fuel Chinese Energy and Tech Grabs

  • "We know how to drill it, but we don't know how to produce it yet, " says North American exploration head Raymond Wilcox.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

  • The alternative press would publish articles describing how to produce bathtub hooch in the same tone as it might have discussed pot-smoking.

    BBC: US craft beer: How it inspired British brewers

  • With rising global wheat and feed prices, farmers are also increasingly faced with the dilemma of how to produce more food from fewer resources.

    BBC: Investors bet on breeding success

  • R. 8 is not something that anyone who is concerned about economic growth (and who knows how to produce it) would have agreed to.

    FORBES: Paul Ryan Brilliantly Evokes Clueless Conservatism

  • Even though the patent has now expired, Takeda maintains a de facto monopoly because no other drug company has figured out how to produce microcapsules of similar quality.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Still, if GM can figure out how to produce the vehicle, it would be an ingenious next step in the slow evolution of vehicles from ones powered by gasoline to those powered by electricity.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Similar to geologists evaluating how to produce a reservoir, the efficiency engineers use this comprehensive data to calibrate simulation models that predict the financial impact of a range of efficiency measures over the building life.

    FORBES: Log Baby Log: The Race to The Big New Resource Play You Haven't Heard Of

  • If not, they will vote for income redistribution, in an effort to assure that everyone survives so that they can enjoy the fruits of economic growth, if and when political leaders emerge who understand how to produce it.

    FORBES: Why Mitt Romney Deserved To Lose The Election

  • Instead of trying to coddle economic losers, our culture had better concern itself with how to produce the next generation of geniuses to drive the wealth-creation process, because the productive geniuses are what keep 300 million people from starvation and exposure, not the government.

    FORBES: President Obama Jabs At Ayn Rand, Knocks Himself Out

  • It was by advertising for volunteer zombies on social networking site Facebook, borrowing make-up from Hollywood blockbusters and teaching himself how to produce special effects that thrifty director Price was able to make the film for less than the price of a zombie DVD box set.

    CNN: Hollywood eyes $70 zombie movie wowing Cannes

  • Mr Schmitt says it should be possible for a robot builder to specify what a servo needs to do, rather than how it needs to be made, and send that information to a 3D printer, and for the machine's software to know how to produce it at a low cost.

    ECONOMIST: 3D printing

  • Very few companies have the resources and know-how to successfully produce products and also distribute them.

    FORBES: 8 Ways to Turn Partnerships into Profits

  • Next up: figuring out how to mass produce it affordably.

    FORBES: Pressure Cooker

  • This sounds kitsch, though Michael Gray, a British photographer, has produced a surprisingly soft and lovely print of three people outside the medieval Wiltshire abbey that once was home to the man who discovered how to use negatives to produce positive prints, William Henry Fox Talbot.

    ECONOMIST: The daguerreotype is back

  • We should prevent them the know-how otherwise it will be up to them to decide when to produce, how to use the bomb. 10.07.20 Music 10.07.26 Narrator This country is obsessed with its own safety from attack.


  • To entice the farmers to show up, it offered to teach them how to sell their produce online and use the low-cost video-chatting application Skype to communicate with far-flung relatives.

    FORBES: Feature

  • It is hard to say how much his handsome victory was due to his own accomplishments and how much to voters' desire to produce a result most likely to lead to the unseating of Mr Kohl.

    ECONOMIST: Chancellor Schr?der?

  • To perform at their best, employees need to know how the results they produce contribute to reaching the destination.

    FORBES: Strategic Agility: The Antidote to a Hostile Business Environment

  • Scientists don't understand fully how genes interact to produce a particular disease.

    FORBES: Luxury Genes

  • No one is proposing that Moscow have the power to set food prices in Kyrgyzstan, dictate wages for oil workers in Kazakhstan, tell Uzbekistan how much cotton to produce, or prevent people from moving from Armenia to Belarus.

    FORBES: John Boehner's Nonsense About a "Neo-Soviet" Russia

  • By this we mean that software is absolutely integral to how we currently run our businesses as well as how we reimagine our businesses as the world continues to change how we redesign and produce things, how we create and manage new commercial transactions, how we begin to collaborate at unprecedented levels internally and with customers and suppliers.

    FORBES: CEO Survival Guide: How To Win In A Software-Driven World

  • By studying more than one gene at once, researchers hope to get a better picture of how they work in concert to produce an organism.

    FORBES: The Biggest DNA Ever Made

  • One is how much energy they use to produce that economic growth, and the other part is how much carbon they emit to get there.

    NPR: China Reveals Goals To Cut Carbon Emissions

  • But for three years something kept me from sitting down and learning how to edit tape and produce a story.

    BBC: Why I secretly recorded my life

  • How has he managed to produce simultaneous inflation and deflation, when lesser Fed Chairmen have had to choose one or the other?

    FORBES: Our Schizophrenic Fed

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