• Nikki Walker and James Hook were on hand to feed Parker and two percussive hand-offs later the Wales centre was over for the first try of the night.

    BBC: Gloucester 26-18 Ospreys

  • There was a scare for Celtic when 'keeper Rab Douglas dropped a corner kick but Stanislav Varga was on hand to hook the ball to safety.

    BBC: Motherwell 2-1 Celtic

  • Right from the start, Chelsea looked off key and when skipper John Terry failed to head away Paul Konchesky's cross, Gera was on hand to hook the ball in after Bobby Zamora had nodded it his way.

    BBC: Didier Drogba

  • Towards the end of the fifth round, the 31-year old unleashed a devastating left-hook before a follow-up right hand floored Chisora.


  • His fishing methods were different: he used aluminium beer barrels as floats because wooden ones would break up in a minute, and rather than harpoons, with their stainless-steel darts that folded back and slipped right out of the fish, he preferred hand-held gaffs with a three-inch hook that went in and stayed there.

    ECONOMIST: Frank Mundus

  • On the other hand, an insurance company that is on the hook for an accident in which a 20-something is killed may have to shell out the millions that he or she would have earned during a lifetime, or the wealth they would have created, to support a family, send kids to college, and so on.

    FORBES: How Wall Street Unloads Its Risk On Unsuspecting Savers

  • On the other hand, it would get several national leaders off the hook with their parliaments and voters back home.

    ECONOMIST: The summit of all fears | The

  • The Scot recovered well in an even 10th round and gained the upper hand in the penultimate round despite being caught by a left hook in the final seconds.

    BBC: Ricky Burns takes world title from Roman Martinez

  • Pietersen's exasperation was evident but he was at least able to have a hand in Smith's dismissal, safely pouching the mis-cued hook.

    BBC: South Africa openers defy England

  • The southpaw sensation has perfected a short and stunning right-hook counter to the left jab as well as a taser-like left-hand counter.

    WSJ: Radio City Fight Night

  • They almost got it at the start of the second half when Hook broke and kicked the ball forward, only for Shane Horgan to get his hand to it first.

    BBC: Leinster 19-13 Ospreys

  • Both the state and federal government are lending a helping hand in the recovery of Newtown and surrounding communities affected by the violence at Sandy Hook.

    WHITEHOUSE: Our Top Stories

  • On the other hand, from what I can tell very few people are actually letting EA off the hook this time, and who knows who these few drive-by commenters really are?

    FORBES: 'SimCity' Is 'Inherently Broken'

  • While it's not as snazzy as the Jawbone Icon or the Jabra Stone, its ear piece and ear hook contain capacitive sensors that know when you've got the device on your ear or in your hand.

    ENGADGET: Plantronics Voyager PRO UC senses your Bluetooth wants and needs, softly whispers in your ear

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