• At every turn, America's allies - from Israel to Honduras, to Columbia, South Korea and Japan, to Poland and the Czech Republic - have reacted with disbelief and horror to his treachery.


  • Maybe the real story ought to be how a product of Manhattan wealth and privilege turned on his own caste, attacking the corrupt financial elite with a zeal not seen since the days of Teddy Roosevelt, and then was punished for his class treachery (just before his crusade was 100 percent vindicated by recent history).

    FORBES: Client 9: Some Actors in the Fall Of Eliot Spitzer

  • Believing that Filipino guides and carriers in the service of his marines were guilty of treachery, he ordered eleven of them summarily shot.

    NEWYORKER: The Water Cure

  • Ironically, the way in which Aeneas abandons Dido in favour of his preordained fate is characteristic of Carthaginian treachery.

    ECONOMIST: Myth and the making of history

  • For crying out loud, his name is synonymous with treason and treachery.

    FORBES: What's Worse? A Royal Pain or Mr. Lacks Commitment?

  • Those that managed to escape to Israel before the gates were locked were treated as unwanted dead-weight by Barak and his media flacks who couldn't be bothered with the treachery at the heart of the operation.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Hizbullah's media champions

  • Mr Chavez, who regards all dissent as counter-revolutionary treachery, professes to be unconcerned by the split with his old ally.

    ECONOMIST: Venezuela

  • Mr Lieberman, the foreign minister, repulses many in the middle of Israel's spectrum with his verbal assaults on human-rights groups, accusing them of treachery.

    ECONOMIST: Israeli politics

  • The 41-year-old had "coldly and rationally" committed treachery when he walked into the Russian embassy in Ottawa in 2007 to volunteer his spying services, judge Patrick Curran said during Friday's sentencing.

    BBC: Prison for Canadian navy officer turned Russian spy

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