• They agreed to hold high-level talks on climate change and to ease business investment cooperation.

    NPR: Goal Of Nuclear-Free NKorea Tests US, China Ties

  • The aid is likely to be forthcoming, since the request comes after several months of high-level talks between Colombian and American officials.

    ECONOMIST: Colombia calls for arms from Uncle Sam | The

  • And as a consequence, Minister Krishna led a delegation to Washington to follow up, and working with Secretary Clinton, conducted some very high-level talks.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama & Prime Minister Singh at G20 Summit

  • And, also that summer, during high-level talks between the White House and Republican leaders, Cantor and Ryan reportedly pressured Boehner to reject a potential deal with President Obama.

    NEWYORKER: Fussbudget

  • Command held their first high-level talks in nearly seven years.

    CNN: S. Korea reroutes flights, cites 'threat'

  • At the moment it doesn't appear that formal negotiations have begun, but the two companies have apparently had high-level talks about their various options over the last few months.

    ENGADGET: Bloomberg: Verizon seeking to end Vodafone partnership through merger or buyout

  • This year, Mottaki is back at Davos, and Barack Obama is in the White House after a campaign in which he said he was open to high-level talks with Iran.

    FORBES: Mottaki At Davos, On Diplomacy And Obama

  • High-level talks were suspended for a year in protest at sales of weapons to Taiwan, but were resumed just ahead of Mr Hu's trip when Robert Gates, the secretary of defence, was in Beijing.

    ECONOMIST: Banyan

  • The Labwani verdict comes a week after a ground-breaking meeting between Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at a summit in Egypt - the first time the two countries held such high-level talks since the death of Mr Hariri in 2005.

    BBC: NEWS | Middle East | Syrian reformer 'jailed 12 years'

  • The deal comes just before the beginning of high-level economic talks between the United States and China in Washington this week.

    NPR: China's Blackstone Buy Shows a New Angle

  • Between 2009 and 2011, high-level secret talks took place between the PKK and the Turkish government in Oslo, Norway, but they collapsed after a clash between Turkish soldiers and the PKK in June 2011, in which 14 Turkish soldiers were killed.

    BBC: Profile: The PKK

  • Burma's President Thein Sein is embarking on his first European tour, where he is expected to engage in high-level European Union talks.

    BBC: Burma's President Thein Sein in first European visit

  • What worries many people here is the prospect that the high-level political session of the talks, due to start late on Wednesday, will land ministers in an almost impossible situation.

    BBC: Climate talks 'going backwards'

  • In the afternoon, he held talks with a high-level Iranian delegation at the same place.

    NPR: Kurdistan Caught in Middle of Iran-U.S. Tensions

  • Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Friday that he had held peace talks with a high-level Chechen official several days ago, but they ended in failure, Interfax news agency reported.

    BBC: News Online

  • In January, a high-level Iraqi delegation is expected at UN headquarters in New York for talks with Secretary-General Kofi Annan on how to break the deadlock.

    BBC: Analysis: Saddam's route out of sanctions

  • Oceans Day at Durban will draw high-level attention to ocean issues during the COP17 climate talks, highlighting the direct link between climate change, the health of the oceans, and human well-being, as well as the need for sufficient funding to support bold mitigation and adaptation measures that will minimize climate change impacts on coastal communities and ocean ecosystems and resources.


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