• "The rumors are growing in Havana over the health condition of Hugo Chavez, " Yoani Sanchez wrote.


  • Maduro's comments came after he met with the country's top officials Tuesday about Chavez's worsening health condition.


  • Middle East Quartet envoy Tony Blair expressed concern about the "the deteriorating health condition of the four prisoners".

    BBC: Protest in West Bank for Palestinian hunger strikers

  • "We can't change the health condition of the person (receiving care), " Siskowski said.

    CNN: Help for a 'hidden population' of caregiving kids

  • Many regard depression as a personality weakness and not a health condition.

    FORBES: Against All Stereotypes: Stress, Depression, Recovery, and Then?

  • The omission from the application may be deliberate, to hide a health condition that might have made the applicant ineligible for insurance.

    NPR: Insurers Revoke Policies To Avoid Paying High Costs

  • But sometimes there's an innocent explanation: The policyholder may not have known about a health condition, or may not have thought it was relevant.

    NPR: Insurers Revoke Policies To Avoid Paying High Costs

  • This is known as 'diagnostic overshadowing - whereby a patient's physical symptoms tend to be seen in terms of their mental health condition or learning disability.

    BBC: Photo of woman having her ear examined

  • Or whatever is most comfortable for you the key is comfort and doing what is best for your body type, health condition, and personal work scenario.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Chavez is supposed to run for president again in October 2012, but his health condition could see him bowing out of the race sooner rather than later.

    FORBES: Market Prepares For A Venezuela Without Chavez

  • Adults under the age of 65 with an underlying health condition -- such as asthma -- are also considered to be more at risk from the H1N1 virus.

    CNN: Report: Swine flu could cause up to 90,000 U.S. deaths

  • Most of the study participants had been diagnosed with anxiety disorder or depression, but some were experiencing anxiety stemming from a health condition, such as surgery or perimenopause.

    CNN: Can herbal supplements treat anxiety?

  • That man -- Mitchell Wiener -- had an underlying health condition, said Dr. Thomas Frieden, New York City's health commissioner and President Barack Obama's pick to lead the CDC.

    CNN: Number of H1N1 cases nears 10,000

  • Mr Farmer said a recent survey found between a quarter and a third of people had direct experience of being turned down for jobs after revealing a mental health condition.

    BBC: Christine Laird

  • Social Intelligence claims these employers may be vulnerable to discrimination claims if they come across info about an applicant's race, religion, sexual orientation, health condition or familial status while trolling Facebook.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Parents of one girl who died are suing Monster, claiming that her consumption of the drinks led to the caffeine toxicity responsible for her death (she did have an underlying health condition).

    FORBES: Over-Caffeinated: Will The Monster Energy Drink Debacle Prompt Change?

  • Tomorrow is also the day when many Americans who are uninsured because of a pre-existing health condition will be able to start enrolling in new Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans throughout the country.

    WHITEHOUSE: Our Top Stories

  • The FDA has in the past declined to demand robust changes Monster does list several warnings on its cans, declaring the products not safe for pregnant women, youth and those with a health condition.

    FORBES: Monster Looks Attractive For Risk-Tolerant Investors After FDA Reports Of 5 Deaths

  • Moreover, private insurers competing for seniors under this reform would be required to take all that chose them, at standard market rates, regardless of age or health condition, with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

    FORBES: Rep. Paul Ryan's Budget Plan Reframes the 2012 Elections

  • In a report first presented to ministers in November 2009, he said patients should be exempt if they have a long-term health condition that will persist for a period of at least six months.

    BBC: Free prescription plans 'on hold'

  • Mr. MORAD SZEDADINOV(ph) (ex-Political Prisoner): (Through Translator) It is extremely important that he raises these questions with human rights, democracy development, torture, and specifically a couple of prisoners, specifically, former Minister of Economics whose health condition is critical at the moment.

    NPR: Azerbaijan President Visits Washington

  • This works far better than forcing insurers to cover everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions, or regulation such as guaranteed issue (forcing insurers to cover everyone who applies regardless of health condition), or community rating (forcing insurers to charge the same or nearly the same to all regardless of health condition).

    FORBES: Universal Health Care With No Mandates

  • The regulations cover a myriad of issues--from "guaranteed" coverage for all applicants (regardless of health condition) to pooling micro-businesses with individuals in order to reduce costs. (One caveat on "guaranteed" coverage: It comes at a price, and with few plan options.) Understanding these rules will help you navigate your policy options later on.

    FORBES: How To Find The Best Deal On Health Insurance

  • Your child's doctor or mental health provider will work with your child to determine if he or she has a mental health condition based on criteria in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) a guide published by the American Psychiatric Association that explains the signs and symptoms that mark mental health conditions.

    CNN: Mental illness in children: Know the signs

  • The economic argument, which as readers know was initially a conservative and Republican idea going back to the early 1990s, is that insurers can afford the cost of care for the sick, such as those who already have a health condition, with the premiums paid for young and healthy people who are unlikely to require much, if any, care.

    FORBES: Whew! Justice Roberts' Decision Means Focus Can Now Turn to Real Health Care Dilemma

  • So, with up to 50% of Americans currently afflicted with a pre-existing health condition and 20% of Americans uninsurable as a result (the remainder can still gain coverage through employment) how hard is it to figure out, particularly at a time when people are losing jobs in big numbers in Ohio, that by voting to kill mandates voters are likely voting against their own self-interest?

    FORBES: Ohio Voters Amend Their Constitution To Outlaw Obamacare Mandates

  • Earlier testimony from Jackson's makeup artist, choreographer and an associate director described his failing health and mental condition in the last two weeks of his life.

    CNN: Sweet controversy at Michael Jackson death trial

  • In our health care bill, one of the most important components was the idea, the basic principle that nobody should have to go without health insurance because of a preexisting condition. (Applause.) Nobody should have to go after -- go without health insurance without -- because of a preexisting condition.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Holds a Town Hall in New Hampshire

  • We both set up a government plan that would allow people who otherwise don't have health insurance because of a preexisting condition, like my mother had, or at least what the insurance said was a preexisting condition, let them get health insurance.

    CNN: Transcript of Thursday's Democratic presidential debate

  • Many of those benefits that he would talk about go into effect immediately -- ensuring that a child that had previously been discriminated against in trying to get health insurance because of a preexisting condition will get wiped away as soon as the President signs health care legislation.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

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