• The Harvard educated chief executive plans to expand into 30 countries in 4 years.

    FORBES: Asia's E-Commerce Leaders Launch Online Mall In China

  • He's observed how his two Harvard-educated daughters prefer to swipe their debit cards than carry cash.

    FORBES: MasterCard's New Master

  • Natchiar, and her husband, Dr. Nam, both Harvard-educated eye surgeons, to join the cause.

    FORBES: Companies, People, Ideas

  • Its president, Minoru (Ben) Makihara, London-born, Harvard-educated, has responded by trying to get into everything from energy pipelines to satellite broadcasting.

    FORBES: Setting sun

  • Beyond clever headlines, OkCupid also uses an unusual pedigree to separate itself from the dating site pack: The business was founded by four Harvard-educated mathematicians.

    FORBES: Better Dating Through Data

  • He is a highly intelligent, roundish bald man—a Harvard-educated economist whose analysis of Japan helped that country end its Lost Decade in the early 2000s.

    FORBES: The Argument Against Fiscal Cliff Austerity: Just Look At Britain's Mess

  • Howard Jonas is quirky and Harvard-educated, the big-picture guy.

    FORBES: Sound Idea

  • But Mr Singh understands the importance of winning investor confidence, which is why he has picked Palaniappan Chidambaram as his finance minister: The Harvard-educated Mr Chidambaram has sound reform credentials, and the markets welcomed his appointment.

    ECONOMIST: After Sonia, Singh steps in | The

  • Harvard-educated Anand, soon to turn 56, represents the third generation of the Mahindra clan to run the family enterprise that his paternal grandfather and great-uncle founded in 1945 as a steel trader and then an assembler of Willys Jeeps.

    FORBES: The Global 2000

  • The pundits are calling it an act of political courage, but by expressing his support for gay marriage in an ABC News interview, President Obama was merely acknowledging what most Harvard-educated constitutional law professors would have said long ago.

    FORBES: Obama, The Con Law Prof, Had Little Choice On Gay Marriage

  • The Harvard and Oxford-educated Bhutto had become an icon in the West, which found it hard to resist the allure of the charismatic female leader of an otherwise male-dominated Islamic nation.

    NPR: Pakistan Court Rules to Withhold Election Results

  • Horsfield and Yip, who hails from Hong Kong but was educated at Harvard, also own another 21 beds further toward the top of Moganshan at what they call naked Home Village.

    FORBES: Two Hours And A World Away From Europe's Crisis and Shanghai

  • Dreier, a Harvard and Yale-educated litigator with a roster of celebrity clients at the 238-attorney firm he founded in 1996, is a "Houdini of impersonation and false pretenses, " Streeter said at Thursday's bail hearing.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Educated at Harvard—both the college and the law school—he had volunteered for the army in 1941 and ended the war on the staff of General Douglas MacArthur. (His wartime experience may explain why he, like other old soldiers, was always so reluctant to resort to force.) Moreover, his intellectual interests—history and the law—both drew him to Europe, and Britain in particular.

    ECONOMIST: Caspar Weinberger

  • Prestige can simply and effectively signal to many different people that a graduate of Harvard College is much better educated or will add more value to a job than a graduate of Podunk College—or even State University.

    FORBES: The Race for Prestige Drives College Costs

  • The 52-year-old Russian immigrant was educated at Columbia and Harvard and is a U.S. citizen.

    FORBES: Len Blavatnik: Hollywood Mogul?

  • "The courts produce this stuff at taxpayer expense, it gets shipped to these foreign companies for free and then they charge us to read it, " says Rosenthal, a Caltech-educated physicist who graduated from Harvard Law School.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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