• The Bush administration has lobbied hard to block that.

    NPR: U.S. and Venezuela Battle at the U.N.

  • While Egypt has found it hard to block the tunnels, it has kept its official border with Gaza sealed to all but a trickle of humanitarian traffic, saying that the crossing's Palestinian side should be controlled by a proper government body, such as the PA, but not by Hamas.

    ECONOMIST: Diplomacy after the Gaza war

  • There is still a hard-core block in Congress.

    ECONOMIST: Taiwan’s high-stakes game

  • First there was AOL. Remember how hard it was to block access to what most admins considered a trivial time waster?

    FORBES: Granular application control drives next gen firewalls

  • Block the country's hard cash from illicit trade and cut off food aid.

    CNN: North Korea: What are the options?

  • According to the American Heart Association, the bad cholesterol, with a little help from some other substances in your body, join together and form a united front (that is, a hard deposit inside your arteries) that could block the flow of blood to the heart, causing a heart attack.

    CNN: Understanding the cholesterol numbers game

  • It is not hard to see why banning the owner of a block of shares from distributing them as he sees fit contradicts basic property rights.

    ECONOMIST: Business.view: The PCCW buy-out in court | The

  • And what seems to me and other members of the administration to be the principal stumbling block is the commitment, the die-hard commitment on behalf of congressional Republicans, to even consider asking millionaires and billionaires to pay a little bit more to deal with our deficit challenges.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing by Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest

  • But reformists say they are confident that hard-liners will not want to use those powers to block legislation and risk angering a majority of Iranians.

    BBC: Khatami's caution to West

  • Because tunnels block a radar signal, trains rely largely on hard-wired equipment like the box beside the track, which helps drivers and dispatchers talk to each other and controls a machinelike traffic signal, giving the drivers basic commands to stop and go.

    NEWYORKER: Boss Rail

  • Fifty bitcoins are released when that block is done and the work, which involves solving a hard mathematical problem, is completed.

    BBC: Rewards set to halve for digital money miners

  • The story concerns a lonely young woman in an oppressively large and quiet Taipei apartment block who dreams of love, and a man who stars in the hard-core porn movie that a video crew is taping on the floor above.

    NEWYORKER: The Wayward Cloud

  • As thousands of bused-in police academy cadets gathered along the route to prepare for the procession, Olivero and his wife, Yelitza Acuna, hid from the sun while waiting in a block-long line to buy flour, coffee, butter and other food staples they said have been hard to come by for about two years.

    NPR: Hugo Chavez Coffin Parades Past Venezuela's Ills

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