• The division shows that a happy marriage of content and hardware is possible, if managed properly.

    ECONOMIST: Can Stringer stop Sony malfunctioning? | The

  • Should women not pursue intellectual matters at all to have a happy marriage?

    FORBES: Readers Say

  • These were not ideal circumstances for grieving, or the most salutary conditions for beginning a happy marriage.

    NEWYORKER: A Soldier’s Legacy

  • If you're not are you both compromising because your goals are to have a happy marriage with each other?

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Does that mean that I am not entitled to a happy marriage, that men should steer clear of me and my kind?

    FORBES: Readers Say

  • Researchers have discovered that generosity is a key predictor (outranked only by sexual intimacy and commitment) of a happy marriage.

    FORBES: Is Generosity Better Than....?

  • Seems to me, if you want a happy marriage, share your successes and appreciate what an educated woman can bring to the table.

    FORBES: Readers Say

  • And how painful it is that he died during what she described, as a difficult time in an otherwise happy marriage.

    NPR: Sept. 11 Victim Testimony Given at Moussaoui Trial

  • After 23 years of happy marriage, life keeps getting better and better.

    MSN: Your bridal diet challenge stories

  • If a woman wants a happy marriage she has to leave behind her career and submit herself to being a good wife and mother.

    FORBES: Does Marriage Demand Women Quit Their Jobs?

  • One can have a long, happy marriage without losing touch with reality, but it helps to be a bit starry eyed when it comes to you mate.

    FORBES: Key To A Happy Marriage: Be Delusional

  • The book, by Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson, offers a hilarious and valid twist to standard marriage advice by showing how economics—yes, economics—is the key to a happy marriage .

    FORBES: Applying Spousonomics To Money Problems

  • From the earliest period, there seem to have been exceptional women who really were capable of having it all, such as Anne Bradstreet, a prolific 17th-century poet, who had eight children and a happy marriage, as well as critical renown.

    ECONOMIST: Women's literature in America

  • Want a happy marriage?

    FORBES: Readers Say

  • One suspects that the reality is more complicated, as in any marriage. (Who would have guessed that the lip-locked Gores, and not the tempestuous Clintons, would now be rent asunder?) Still, the task remains of making a happy marriage interesting—and of doing so without the imaginative equipment and freedoms of fiction.

    NEWYORKER: State of the Union

  • He reviews his farming childhood, his happy marriage to a good woman called Rachel and his wartime service in Italy as a member of the 10th Mountain Brigade, as he encounters a series of lovers, drifters, loners, psychotic hunters and sick illegal immigrants all of whom have something to teach him.

    ECONOMIST: Nostalgia fiction

  • What about the studies that document the fact that working women who enjoy their careers and are happy about working promote stable marriage and provide wonderful role models for their children?

    FORBES: Readers Say

  • Despite his straying, his marriage was long and happy.

    ECONOMIST: Obituary

  • Some swapped matzoh for the pink lines as Passover got under way, or added frowny Internet star Grumpy Cat, who explained marriage equality would make her happy.

    NPR: Gay Marriage Equality Box Spreads On Social Media

  • Employees must share tax forms, birth certificates and marriage licenses to make auditors happy. (One frustrated employee sent an auditor a wedding ring to prove he was married.) As many as 15% of dependents can be bounced because the employee is divorced or because minors, including stepchildren, nephews and nieces, are 18 or older and not full-time students.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • She is a 40-year old woman in a marriage that by all appearances was happy until she gave into a ridiculous impulse, and she was supposedly a respected military intelligence officer.

    FORBES: Paula Broadwell: How The Public Shaming Of 'Other Women' Ruins Lives

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