• They include free-market liberals, xenophobic nationalists, and those who hanker for the era before 2003.

    ECONOMIST: Georgia’s election

  • His obvious pleasure at the Bremen result suggests that he may still hanker after one.

    ECONOMIST: Germany

  • But many Fatah people still hanker after revolution, harking back to the heroic days (albeit often mythical) under Arafat.

    ECONOMIST: A Palestinian congress

  • The French still hanker after a political counterweight to the European Central Bank.

    ECONOMIST: The single currency

  • But he seemed to hanker for the days when Mr Olmert, now mired in accusations of corruption, was in office.

    ECONOMIST: The Middle East peace process

  • But some of the guests find the atmosphere more than a tad sepulchral, and hanker for the hotel's crumbling past.

    ECONOMIST: Pukkah hotels

  • Countries such as Spain and Luxembourg still hanker after the whole constitution.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • It is understandable that many Belarussians and Ukrainians, as well as Russians, should hanker after the undemocratic but comforting order of the past.

    ECONOMIST: Setting Slavs free | The

  • Many Basques—a far higher proportion, for example, than Catholics in Northern Ireland—are comfortable with a dual allegiance, and most do not hanker after full independence.

    ECONOMIST: A new Golden Age

  • Although some Congress party activists still hanker after bringing Rajiv's widow, Sonia, into politics, his death seems to have marked the end of the Gandhi dynasty.

    ECONOMIST: Happy anniversary?

  • Though he has stood only once (unsuccessfully) for elected office, he is young at 52, and may well hanker after a top job, one day, in government.

    ECONOMIST: Pascal Lamy, free-market Frenchman?

  • Ideologues still hanker after the revival of a pan-Islamic empire.

    ECONOMIST: The Arab spring

  • With Kuroda Gone, Will China Hanker for ADB Control?

    FORBES: Christine Lagarde

  • And I think they - they hanker for, you know, some simplicity, some real basic honest human emotions, and that would sort of cover the general spirit in which I write songs.

    NPR: Rocky Mountain Activist Carole King

  • Therefore, if you hanker to put new money in the market but also want to take the summer off and not worry too much, you might look at the iShares MSCI EAFE Index.

    FORBES: Are Stocks Still A Buy?

  • While the Peronists hanker for a deal with the conservative wing of the government, Domingo Cavallo and Gustavo Beliz, former Menem ministers who have formed their own grouping, have praised Mr Alvarez's stand against old-fashioned pork-barrel politics and evidently believe they could work with the modernising wing of the Alliance.

    ECONOMIST: Argentina

  • Although Brussels Eurocrats, depressed after the two ineffective commission presidencies of Jacques Santer and Romano Prodi, hanker after a man with the grand dreams and vaulting ambition of Jacques Delors, president in 1985-95, who pushed through the single market and plans for monetary union, a low-key but effective president may now be just what is needed.

    ECONOMIST: European Commission

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