• As she accepted the Intellectual Property Owner's Association 's 27th Annual Inventor of the Year award on June 28 for her work in tissue engineering--she is the first individual woman to win the award--her Donna Reed-style hair and her concerned expression made her look like a doctor about to apply a Band-Aid.

    FORBES: Advanced Tissue Sciences Founder Wins Inventor Award

  • She drew a naked woman with a skull comprising half of her face and "Elvira-style hair" on Fagerland's left thigh.

    CNN: A tattoo artist's take on summertime body art

  • Best's fans knew they were blue, just as they knew the name of the hairdresser who kept his Beatle-style hair in trim.

    ECONOMIST: George Best

  • Hair stylist Ted Gibson, who just cut model Elettra Wiedemann's hair into a Kloss-like style, suggests a long bob, also called a "lob, " for those with curly hair.

    WSJ: Hair Trends: What About Bobs?

  • Where Augustyniak is lanky, with the flyaway hair and a round-about conversational style, Amzalag is compact, drily ironic and gets crisply to the point.

    WSJ: M/M (Paris) | The Cult of

  • It was as if the head had been pulled out of a hat not unlike its cousin on the cover of Weird Mysteries no. 6 (August-September 1953), which pretty clearly seems to have been modeled on the Nuremberg skull right down to the way the curling hair has been transmuted into Gypsy-style earrings (Gypsies also being victims of the Nazi genocide).

    FORBES: Booked Review: Exorcising Horror Comics' Demons

  • Out went the fun and in came a return to the dry lecture-as-TV-show style of presentation - this time with added facial hair, comb-overs, tweed jackets, and flares.

    BBC: Patrick Moore to Brian Cox - A history of TV science

  • Jurors dubbed prosecutor Reed Brodsky "Napoleon" mostly because of his dark hair but also for his self-assured, animated style.

    WSJ: Inside the Galleon Jury Deliberations

  • Police said Sophie is 5ft 2ins (1.58m) tall, has collar-length brown hair, cut in a bob style, and blue eyes.

    BBC: Missing Darlaston children: Police 'very concerned'

  • If Groupon-style online marketing worked for spas and hair salons, could it also work for movies?

    FORBES: Former Groupon Exec's Prescreen Provides Outlet For Indie Movies

  • The man painting this picture stands 6 foot 4, has long arms flying out of an old cowboy leather vest, and curly hair fashioned in the student-Molotov-cocktail-thrower style last seen on Abby Hoffman in 1968.


  • His hair, where he still had it, was close-cropped in military style.

    CNN: Why a pundit wrote a novel

  • The cover shows her head, teeth bared and hair teased into a manic clump, in place of the headlight on a chopper-style motorcycle.

    NEWYORKER: Show Runners

  • Her straightened hair has triggered debates on Twitter and other social-media sites, with some women criticizing the style and others calling it unkempt.

    WSJ: Social Media

  • Her style, combining beautiful ensemble dancing with crazy solos which might involve disrobing, lighting a candle, hair-brushing, setting a newspaper on fire, even swimming, and always a great deal of talking, has had considerable influence on choreographers both inside and outside Germany.

    ECONOMIST: Germany is now the dance centre of the world

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