• At the moment, African medicinal plants are often ignored because foreign buyers have no guarantee of the quality of the materials they are purchasing.

    ECONOMIST: A pharmacopoeia for Africa

  • This is a shame because you can't then guarantee the quality of the product and, on top of that, you lose the emotional connection to the food ... it becomes more like a commodity.

    CNN: Indian master chef gets fresh at 'world's best restaurant'

  • The day after the reform package was announced, the head of Ofqual wrote to Mr Gove warning that introducing too much change at one time might mean the regulator could not guarantee the quality of the exams.

    BBC: Q&A: Changes to the teaching of key subjects

  • All party talks have been convened to try and come up with a solution they can all sign up to, with Conservative policy guru Oliver Letwin touting the idea of using a Royal Charter rather than legislation to guarantee the quality of any new press regulator.

    BBC: Press regulation: it's back

  • The abandonment of the notion that a government-issued medical license is any guarantee of quality deflates the arguments of those seeking to restrict entry into the practice of medicine.

    FORBES: Sometimes The Best Medical Care Is Provided By Those Who Aren't M.D.s

  • Alex Pollock of the American Enterprise Institute thinks that securitisers should be required to guarantee the quality of their loan pools, as are America's government-sponsored mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    ECONOMIST: Securitisation

  • That said, all of this—and Mr Sgarbi's notoriety too—should guarantee the show huge audiences, despite the desultory quality of much of the work on display.

    ECONOMIST: The pain in painting: Little shop of horrors | The

  • The firm is now considering ways of marketing diamonds as branded luxury goods, marked with the De Beers guarantee of quality and untainted origin (see article).

    ECONOMIST: How to stop diamonds paying for nasty African wars

  • The main objective is to guarantee quality assurance of services by tracking the results of the activities and using the information to reformulate actions, tools and trainings.

    UNESCO: Country Profile: Angola

  • The fact is, Mr Fontes says, that there is still no way to guarantee quality of service in the unlicensed bands.

    ECONOMIST: Spectrum policy

  • The Commission's argument is that because it has dedicated departments - one for simultaneous interpretation and one for translation of the written word - it can guarantee uniform quality across the board.

    BBC: NEWS | Europe | EU grapples with translation boom

  • Similarly, a network could be quickly configured to guarantee the image quality of a CEO's video broadcast to employees.

    WSJ: An Upgrade Race for Data Centers

  • The UPA provides all Powerline players the opportunity to respond to key customer expectations with open standards, based on interoperability, security and coexistence and supported by exclusive and independent certifications, the only global guarantee of quality and confidence for high-speed power line technology available today.

    ENGADGET: UPA and HomeGrid Forum agree to support G.hn networking standard

  • The promise of America says we will guarantee quality education for all children and not spend more money on metal detectors than computers in our schools.

    CNN: Sharpton answers Bush in speech

  • The state plays an essential role as defender of this principle, setting standards and norms that guarantee quality and equality of opportunity.


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