• It was tough convincing clients that women could do the grunt work, says Ms Ndhlukula.

    ECONOMIST: Security firms in Zimbabwe

  • And perhaps to alleviate our own boredom with the daily grunt work of reporting.

    CNN: Hijacking the media -- Trump shows how easy it is

  • "The idea is this (TV 2000) basically does the grunt work, " Bratebeck explained.

    CNN: How airports beat bad weather

  • Just the real grunt work of log file or sensor processing before loading into an analytic database like Vertica.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Furthermore, he says the trend of hiring more professional support staff unburdens them from much of the grunt work.

    FORBES: The Best Jobs For Women In 2013

  • Steve Taylor spent three years doing grunt work for videogame companies, designing levels within games and doing minor graphics work.

    FORBES: Small game developers have an unlikely ally in Microsoft.

  • All this gets me to Amazon, where initially I performed my grunt work years ago when it ticked in the forties.

    FORBES: Amazon! My Pricey Gut Play

  • Wayne Lukas has earned the right to sit in an office and let his assistants do the grunt work in the stables.

    WSJ: Lukas seeks 3 times the fun in Preakness

  • American law firms typically get fresh law graduates to do such grunt work and then bill clients for it at steep rates.

    ECONOMIST: Outsourcing can cut your legal bills

  • Without women such as Dr. Dorothy Height and Cora Masters Barry and Dr. Skinner and others--women did grunt work in all the major cities.

    NPR: Louis Farrakhan on the Millions More Movement

  • She and her daughter Colleen Fleming, 30, run the business and handle much of the grunt work, including overseeing the harvest, fermentation, marketing and sales.

    WSJ: In Napa, Kelly Fleming Blends House and Winery

  • They use robots for the painstaking grunt work of the sequencing.

    FORBES: Complete Genomics Automates Gene Sequencing With Robots

  • The grunt work of supervision depends on more junior staff, who will always struggle to keep tabs on smarter, better-paid types in the firms they regulate.

    ECONOMIST: Financial regulators

  • Behind the scenes the company's software engineers do much of the grunt work needed to put Intel's processors to work in the latest personal computers and servers.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • From there, I gained additional freelance opportunities, and within a year I was able to transfer all my work efforts into writing, leaving behind the grunt work.

    FORBES: A Sweet Career: From Day Job to Desserts in Jars

  • Houston spent the following eighteen months assigned to grunt work and garbage detail on the base in Yokosuka, Japan, mostly with rowdy black men, low-aptitude morons, and worthless bust-outs like him.

    NEWYORKER: Fiction

  • By contrast, the Democrats ironically, given their opposition to outsourcing have handed over most of the grunt work of registering and mobilising voters to independent groups such as MoveOn.org and America Coming Together.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • In August, Netflix required Netflix customers to do the grunt work of separating Netflix into streaming and DVD businesses by requiring customers to sign-up and maintain two separate Netflix accounts not one.

    FORBES: Netflix' Negative Growth Story

  • They are no longer content to do the grunt work for Western firms, for two simple reasons: non-branded companies typically earn gross margins of 3-8% and are constantly at risk of being undercut by cheaper rivals.

    ECONOMIST: Schumpeter

  • The typical practice in securities class actions, according to lawyers on both sides I have spoken with, is to hire contract attorneys to perform the grunt work of sifting through millions of pages of documents obtained in discovery.

    FORBES: Plaintiff Lawyers in Citigroup Case Seek Big Markup For Outside Attorneys

  • These same junior Goldman bankers who pulled all-nighters doing the grunt work on the Archipelago-NYSE deal were also maneuvering the firm for a boost in the rankings of deal advisers related to the transaction, and gossiping over possible conflicts in advising both buyer and seller.

    FORBES: Careful What You E-Mail!

  • Bringing their audience and advertisers to the table, established publishers are now partnering with these full-service firms that handle all the grunt work of deal sites like production, scheduling, customer service, etc. so the publisher can keep doing what it does best: creating great content.

    FORBES: The Trouble With Groupon: Daily Deal Sites Need To Go Local

  • The big question haunting the Republican Party has been whether the evangelical foot-soldiers could be bothered to do the grunt work or even turn out to vote (Karl Rove blamed Mr Bush's election squeaker in 2000 on the fact that 4m evangelicals stayed at home when they heard of young George's drunk-driving conviction).

    ECONOMIST: Evangelical voters

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