• From tee to green, golf on sand-green courses is just like regular golf.

    WSJ: Sand-Greens Golf: A Game Lives On in the Great Plains

  • Vaguely analogous to grains of green Hawaiian beach sand, chondrules are arguably the glue needed to make planets like ours.

    FORBES: Planets Made Easy: The Cosmic Glue That Binds Us All

  • White, sand, rose, and mauve those were the colors here, sand edging to green in places, with sporadic bursts of powdery yellow, weedy sunflowers blooming three-on-the-tree.

    NEWYORKER: Youth in Revolt

  • Three basaltic peaks soared high above the lush forests, the surrounding water a milky dark green hue due to the volcanic sand below.

    BBC: A cruise to hidden Polynesia

  • Instead of laying up, he drilled a 5-wood into the bunker left of the green, setting up a simple sand shot and a birdie he didn't even need.

    NPR: Thompson Wins Honda For 1st Tour Title

  • The school summer holidays coincide with the peak hatching time of green turtles in the stretches of creamy sand that border the park.

    BBC: Five family-friendly adventures

  • The main island, Apo Island -- not to be confused with the better known island of the same name off the island of Negros in the central Philippines -- is a palm-fringed beauty, ringed by golden sand and home to an emerald-green interior lagoon embraced by mangroves.

    BBC: The undiscovered jewel of the Philippines

  • To keep the sand from blowing away, most courses rake three or four gallons of vegetable oil into each green once or twice a year. (Not too long ago, they used motor oil.) Sand greens are about one-third the speed of grass, but the oil quickens them up a bit, too.

    WSJ: Sand-Greens Golf: A Game Lives On in the Great Plains

  • Every beach and every cove I walk past is lined with green slime, rotting algae draped over the seaweed and sand.

    FORBES: Setting an Innovation Agenda for the Ocean: The Next Frontier for People Like Us

  • On the beach of an island in the Pacific, an island with black sand, hardened black lava, and nothing green growing but cactus, a British mariner with a knife in his hand was crouching before a giant tortoise.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Natives and Exotics'

  • From the tee box the green looks as tiny as a tea saucer and has two sand traps guarding its front.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • That bought new transport planes and helicopters for the air force, and M-777 howitzers and heavy-armoured transport trucks and engineering vehicles for the army, the better to withstand roadside bombs. (The navy has been less fortunate.) The first Canadian soldiers to arrive in Afghanistan in 2002 wore green camouflage designed for forests, because the army had sold its sand-coloured uniforms.

    ECONOMIST: Canada's armed forces

  • Goosen failed to get up and down from sand on the 16th and found dense rough by the 17th green.

    BBC: Goosen ends PGA Tour win drought

  • The fairways are bracketed with heather, and then with gorse, so that at the right time of year when everything is blooming, the course becomes a sea of green, purple and yellow that is compounded by the sea, the sand, and some of the most incredible sunsets anyplace.

    FORBES: Rory McIlroy's Northern Ireland Golf Tour

  • For 96 miles we wended our way through rolling hills covered with kelly-green acacia, finally arriving at Monkey Mia, a strip of white-sand beach where bottle-nosed dolphins come every morning to beg for fish.

    FORBES: Where the Outback Meets the Sea

  • He finished fifth in his one grass-green tournament this spring, and aspires to a college golf scholarship, which several sand-greens players from the area have earned.

    WSJ: Sand-Greens Golf: A Game Lives On in the Great Plains

  • Fields of bright green vegetation sway lazily in the flow, while underwater springs kick up miniature plumes of sand.

    BBC: Livin�� la vida Bonito

  • Havret found sand off his tee shot and was forced to lay up short of the green with his second shot, but McIlroy also ended in a greenside bunker with his approach.


  • Much to the dismay of Milne and other Aberdeenshire residents, the 1, 235-acre golf mega-resort to be built on ecologically sensitive sand dunes and beaches that are home to several endangered species of birds was green lighted by the Scottish government in November 2008.

    FORBES: Billionaire windbag Donald Trump vows to block wind farm

  • Garcia finds the sand with his tee-shot, then an untidy second lands in another bunker in front of the green.

    BBC: Sunday at Wentworth

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