• Investors subject to the new reporting should think twice before filing early, says Mr. Green's partner, Darren Neuschwander.

    WSJ: Tax Report: When Your Broker 'Outs' You

  • Stylitics investor Kirsten Green, managing partner of Forerunner Ventures, told me she'd be less inclined to fund a start-up based in Philly, simply because of the logistical hassles: "I focus on companies in San Francisco and New York, " she says.

    WSJ: New York: Techie Magnet

  • But the most controversial is the pardon of Marc Rich and his partner Pincus Green.

    ECONOMIST: Rich friend of Bill

  • Zimmer and partner Logan Green began thinking of Zimride when Logan was at University and Zimmer was at Lehman Brothers.

    FORBES: How To Win Friends AND Cut Your Travel Costs

  • With us now is Jeb Conrad, head of the Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance, Chris Rohaly, founding partner of Green Alternatives, but he's also holding down a job in the auto industry, and Kirk Daniels, owner of Freedom Financial Group, a local investment firm.

    CNN: Transcript of June 'CNN Money Summit: Money & Main St.'

  • The only sign that there had ever been a Dresdner would be the smaller partner's green corporate colour.

    BBC: German bank merger off

  • Rich and his business partner, Pincus Green, were two of 140 people Clinton pardoned hours before he left office January 20.

    CNN: Head of Rich Foundation defends pardon

  • If Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters do not partner, what will the battle field look like?

    FORBES: Starbucks Scrutinizes Single-Cup Caffeine

  • What's Vinod Khosla, the former Kleiner Perkins partner and now a green-energy visionary, doing investing in a coal-gas plant?

    FORBES: $100 Oil? We Love It

  • Continuing frozen credit markets would "change the trajectory of growth" for companies like Solyndra, said Anup Jacob, a Solyndra board member and partner with the Virgin Green Fund in San Francisco.

    FORBES: Sunny Day For Solar Start-Up

  • When things start to slide for Shaw and her partner (Logan Marshall-Green) it's like watching a drag racer spinning its wheels, kicking up dust to hit the checkered flag at 90 miles per hour.


  • The talk in Berlin is that after a grace period of about a year, the Social Democrats would quit as the CDU's junior partner to lead a red-green-"dark red" government a three-way coalition between the SPD, the Greens and the Left, an amalgam of the successors to the former East German Communists and disgruntled West German Social Democrats.

    WSJ: Daniel Schwammenthal: Germany��s Free-Market FDP Is on the Rise

  • Green joined the firm in 1977 and rose to partner in 1986.

    FORBES: Davos 2011: Transitioning From CEO To Chairman

  • The court heard Ms Critchley, a nursery assistant, had been having an affair and unemployed Mr Green harboured a "building and simmering resentment" towards his partner.

    BBC: Toddler Lia Green's father 'delivered fatal blow'

  • Xcel emphasizes that it would be a willing partner in the effort to help Boulder achieve its green energy goals, pointing out that for the ninth year running it has been named the top wind energy provider in the country.

    FORBES: Boulder Battles for Control of Xcel Energy's Assets

  • "While we focused on getting the finances in order and introducing a culture of cash-flow management, we let the Jains do what they knew best--make and sell their products, " says Jacob, now a partner at Richard Branson's renewables-focused Virgin Green Fund in San Francisco.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In a recent interview with the Journal, Kleiner partner John Doerr said that the revenues of companies in Kleiner's green portfolio are rising rapidly.

    WSJ: Review & Outlook: Silicon Valley's Green Energy Mistake

  • In 2006, 1.8 million Americans aged 50 and above lived in heterosexual "unmarried-partner households, " a 50% increase from 2000, figures Bowling Green State University demographer Susan Brown.

    FORBES: The Second Match

  • In easing the restaurant off the shoals LeRoy must deal with a partner in the 74-year-old Russian Tea Room (Tavern on the Green is owned outright).

    FORBES: Heir Waves

  • "Clearly Pinewood is an important industrial partner in the area but they will have to make a very good case to use green belt land, " he said.

    BBC: Pinewood Studios submit new ?200m expansion plan

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