• George likes a nice glass of wine when he's cooking, red wine from a green bottle.


  • Virtually every student was clutching a green bottle of beer - "possibly the best lager in the world" as the advert says - and were singing an anthem called "Beer is god".

    BBC: Denmark's wine challenge

  • For yet another post-election battle-of-the-brands diversion, may I direct your attention to Heineken, which has changed the shape of its green bottle in the United States hoping the slimmer, sexier look will help this one-time leading beer import regain its leading position after years of market share losses.

    FORBES: Whether It's Bing Or Heineken, At The End of the Day, It's What's Inside That Counts

  • Alternative Organic Wine commissioned a super-green wine bottle from The Creative Method, an Australian design firm.

    FORBES: UPSVoice: From Tuna To Tea, 'Greenwrapping' Makes Food Sustainable Beyond Ingredients

  • This hearty dish is the perfect prelude to a mellow afternoon of kayaking on the bottle-green lake.

    BBC: The adventure playground of the Azores

  • It is said to have started after a member of the Green Giants stole a bottle of alcohol from a Caesarian member.

    BBC: Jesus Green, Cambridge

  • School dinners will never be the same again with much-lauded Austrian chef Siegfried Danler-Heinemann overseeing the menu at new restaurant Pauly Saal, where Venetian chandeliers and bottle-green banquettes add a touch of 1920s decadence to the former gymnasium.

    BBC: Art in Berlin goes back to school

  • The new plastic bottle is about being green, says Patrick Egan, a Boisset brand manager.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The flight lasts barely 30 minutes, just long enough for him to quaff a bottle of Healthya, a green tea concoction.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The flight lasts barely 30 minutes, just long enough for him to quaff a bottle of Healthya, a Japannese green tea concoction.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

  • And although I have come here in search of the red plenty of the soil and its produce, I realise that the journey has led me also to the green that Juan talked about: the herbs inside this bottle have given the liquid the exact mossy-yellow colour of the pine forests and vineyards that surround us.

    BBC: The three colours of Ibiza

  • For 96 miles we wended our way through rolling hills covered with kelly-green acacia, finally arriving at Monkey Mia, a strip of white-sand beach where bottle-nosed dolphins come every morning to beg for fish.

    FORBES: Where the Outback Meets the Sea

  • Aiming to create a green market for sustainable lighting, "A Liter of Light" has donated over 100 solar bottle bulbs to others across the Philippines to replicate the project.

    CNN: Plastic bottles light up lives

  • Honest Tea's top-selling item is our organic Honey Green Tea, which has 35 calories per eight-ounce serving and is in a 16.9 oz. bottle.

    WSJ: Seth Goldman: Mayor Bloomberg and Our 16.9-Ounce Tea

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