• Hours earlier, Mr Baptista's life had been saved by his golden retriever, which sniffed out some explosives planted under his car.

    ECONOMIST: Macau

  • "One golden retriever just totally shut down, " says Becky Jankowski, who created the show using therapy dogs in the PAWSitive Therapy Troupe.

    WSJ: Nutcracker Inc.

  • Even when wet, a Golden Retriever scarf doesn't smell any more like dog than a typical wool sweater smells like sheep, she says.

    WSJ: Knitting and Weaving Artisans Embrace 'Chiengora' Yarn From Dog Hair

  • She is destitute, has lost all of her possessions and her only companion, a golden retriever named Hunter, was given away to a compassionate family.

    FORBES: Former Marvell Analyst Gets Probation on Insider Scheme

  • He said he's not a sentimental person -- he doesn't get attached to an individual polar bear the way he does to his golden retriever.

    CNN: Don't feed the (polar) bears

  • His family love travelling, going to the theatre (particularly musicals), going out for meals, and walking their two dogs a Golden Retriever and a Westie.

    BBC: Surrey - Presenter profile: Adrian Harms

  • Out on the footpath by the hotel, Michael Adams, an editor who has lived in the neighbourhood for 20 years, is walking his golden retriever, Pym.

    BBC: Walking New York City��s High Line

  • When my husband and I were just beginning to plan our wedding in 2005 we found out that our 4 year old sweet Golden Retriever, Dusty, had cancer.

    FORBES: When A Pet Has Cancer

  • Bernard also named Bachelor, and a Golden Retriever named Miner.

    FORBES: 11 Great Pet Friendly Hotels

  • However, I found the bobbing, disembodied head of Lykka -- an animated image of MacSpeech CEO Andrew Taylor's pet Golden Retriever, which floats in the feedback palette -- disconcerting and somewhat creepy.

    CNN: Review: MacSpeech demos voice recognition

  • Thirteen years ago, Abramson and Griggs bought an eighteenth-century house near Long Island Sound in Madison, Connecticut, where Scout, their golden retriever, frolics in the water and they can take long walks.

    NEWYORKER: Changing Times

  • His rivals in the Golden Bonio Awards included Bobby, a male greyhound who took care of seven orphaned puppies, and a golden retriever who led his owner to discover he had skin cancer after his doctor had diagnosed it as eczema.

    BBC: Hero dog Bertie takes the biscuits

  • The next morning, I enjoyed a leisurely repast on my deck and then took a stroll down to the Lodge's tiny "beach" and kayak dock, marveling at the clarity of the water and the chutzpah of a golden retriever repeatedly plunging into its iciness.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In southern states you'll find "noodlers"--men and women who submerge themselves in rivers and stick their arms into holes they believe (hope?) are occupied by golden-retriever-size catfish.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Labradors, golden retrievers, and retriever cross breeds were the types of dog most likely to be attacked, with most of the incidents taking place in public places and in daylight hours between 0900 and 1500 hours.

    BBC: More than three guide dogs a month 'attacked by dogs'

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