• But his supporters will be clamouring for Ms Livni not to "go soft"—and they are plainly still a powerful constituency in her party.

    ECONOMIST: Israel

  • Unless America can convince the IMF to go soft by accepting a rosier forecast, the Europeans may have to lend Greece more money (difficult), forgive some of its debt (almost impossible), or both.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • But many Americans get much more riled about elitist liberals than they do about elitist Republicans—particularly if those liberals embrace the teachers' unions while sending their own children to private schools, or go soft on crime while making sure that they live in the safest bits of town.

    ECONOMIST: How would the White House attack John Forbes Kerry?

  • The chemical giant wanted a polypropylene versatile enough to go from stiff to soft.

    FORBES: The World's Fastest Chemists

  • Just how soft and how slow we go is the question at the moment.

    FORBES: FuturePath's Lesh: Gold Slides With Other Markets In 'Risk-Off' Trade

  • "In a soft market tenants are going to go to the highest-quality space, " says Jeffrey.

    FORBES: Second Empire

  • Not many years ago hard liquor seemed destined to go the way of some now virtually extinct soft drinks such as Moxie.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Many of the commissions, hard or soft, that pension funds end up paying go, for instance, into research reports that lie unread.

    ECONOMIST: Soft commissions in Britain

  • We expect the namesake beverage Coca-Cola to gradually increase its market share in the international soft drink markets as the company continues to go deeper into the developing regions.

    FORBES: Coca-Cola Delivers Despite 'Dead' Soft Drink Market Growth

  • The XV6900 isn't content to just fall in line and play "me too, " though -- Big Red decided to go with a blindingly glossy white finish, bucking the soft-touch black used as a staple of the Touch line, and that could be a boon or a bust depending on who you are and how you intend to use the device.

    ENGADGET: Verizon XV6900 hands-on Mobile

  • Should you choose to go to the table, feel free to order the water or soft drink of your choice.

    FORBES: Essential Guide To The Business Lunch

  • Billy has the kind of looks I used to go for a couple of years ago, when I was about fifteen: soulful and soft, with absolutely no hair on his chest.

    NEWYORKER: Natalie

  • Personally, I have my eye on an even smaller jet, the rumored single-engine, four-seat pocket-rocket from Cirrus Design. (If the one engine fails, pull a lever and a parachute will float you and the plane to a soft landing.) One of the two brothers who founded Cirrus told me the Cirrus jet would go 300 knots, or 345 miles per hour.

    FORBES: Speech Week

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