• The global credit crunch has forced Germany's wholesale banks to rethink their strategy, particularly regarding retail banking.

    FORBES: A Not-So-Grand Allianz

  • But banks in the city are thought to be well capitalised and fairly insulated from the global credit crunch.

    ECONOMIST: A bank run in Hong Kong

  • The global credit crunch seems to have helped ICAP (other-otc: IAPLY - news - people ) somewhat.

    FORBES: European Markets Heading To Snap 4-Day Win Streak

  • It is not just in the Indian stock markets that people here are feeling the effects of the global credit crunch.

    BBC: Optimism wanes as crisis reaches India

  • First, it is more exposed to the global credit crunch as a result of its previous reliance on large capital inflows.

    ECONOMIST: Asian economies

  • Before the global credit crunch took hold, Icelandic banks had foreign assets worth about 10 times the country's GDP, with debts to match.

    BBC: Credit crisis: World in turmoil

  • But the country has also been badly shaken by the global credit crunch, with markets and the Ukrainian currency tumbling and banks needing propping up.

    BBC: Finance crises delay Ukraine vote

  • Its problems intensified when it decided to take over Merrill Lynch, another giant of the US banking industry that fell victim to the global credit crunch.

    BBC: Bank of America bail-out agreed

  • The housing market downturn that sparked a global credit crunch have forced the Federal Reserve to aggressively cut interest rates by 225 basis points since mid-September.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The company's stock has been weak since many investors feared that the deal would fall through or get repriced in the wake of the global credit crunch.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The global credit crunch seems to have helped ICAP somewhat.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • More generally, China's banks should be better insulated from the global credit crunch than Western banks because the country's system is funded through deposits rather than capital markets.

    ECONOMIST: China is pretty well placed to cushion a global downturn

  • That hit Las Vegas Sands hard as it struggles to manage billions in debt that it took on to build new casinos throughout Asia during a global credit crunch.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • But that's less than half its value in May, when the shares began to slide as the effects of the global credit crunch began to weigh on the financial markets.

    FORBES: Citigroup Bounces

  • As discussed earlier, the recession that we believe is now starting in the U.S. will spread globally in about six months as U.S. imports weaken and the global credit crunch curbs financial activity worldwide.

    FORBES: Gloomy View, Part Two

  • Trouble in the subprime mortgage sector has led to a global credit crunch, as banks, brokerages and hedge funds are forced to mark their mortgage and mortgage-derivatives holdings at much lower values than they had been valued as recently as June.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • "Libor is a mythical number, " said Meyrick Chapman, a debt-market analyst at Swiss bank UBS. The rate had meant little to the market before the start of the global credit crunch in September 2007, but it has become an important indicator of how corporate loans are priced.

    FORBES: Market Scan

  • While the developed world, led by the U.S., staggered through a global credit crunch, China's gross domestic product grew 11% in the first quarter, and the Gulf Cooperation Council--the oil-rich federation of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates--averaged nearly 7% growth in the same period.

    FORBES: The New Silk Road

  • The credit crunch and global recession hit the car industry hard, although Ford was the only one of the big three US car firms which did not go bankrupt.

    BBC: Ford doubles dividend to 10 cents

  • Before the credit crunch hit global markets in the summer, the ECB had been expected to raise rates to 4.5% by the end of the year, but the consensus is now for them to remain unchanged in November and December.

    BBC: France's prime minister wants a rate cut to weaken the euro

  • The financier George Soros calls today's credit crunch the worst global financial crisis since World War II.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The answer seems to be that the interests of exporters are paramount, given the desperate scramble for growth that has followed the credit crunch and the global recession.

    ECONOMIST: Buttonwood: Race to the bottom | The

  • Whoever was the GOP nominee was going to have to fight against the legacy of the previous eight years of a Republican president who became highly unpopular because of the Iraq war, administration gaffes such as the handling of Hurricane Katrina, and what turned from a credit crunch into a global economic crisis.

    CNN: Analysis: Turning points led to McCain's defeat

  • Derivatives created a booming global economy, but they also led to turbulent markets, the credit crunch, the near collapse of the banking system and the economic slump.

    FORBES: Black-Scholes Didn't Cause the Financial Crash

  • Even allowing for the credit crunch, this decade may well see the fastest growth in global income per person in history.

    ECONOMIST: The world economy

  • Although Dubai World's financing issues are not a surprise and are relatively small given global credit losses, they are a reminder that the vulnerabilities and imbalances that contributed to the credit crunch have not disappeared.

    FORBES: Doctor Doom

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