• This could give freer rein to what critics call Mr Erdogan's tilt towards authoritarianism.

    ECONOMIST: The Turkish army

  • In 2008 the authorities won praise from around the world for their quick response to the Sichuan earthquake and their unusual decision to give journalists free rein to visit the affected area.

    ECONOMIST: Earthquake in China

  • But how often does your lawyer give you free rein to go ahead and hate the entire profession.

    FORBES: It's OK to Hate Lawyers

  • Thus the news over the weekend that the Swiss have voted to rein in executive pay packages should give pause to corporate fat cats everywhere.

    FORBES: A Question for McKesson's John Hammergren: Are You Really Worth $131 Million?

  • They will work in terms of trying to rein in violence, but you have to give it some time.

    NPR: Global Security Challenges Continue in 2007

  • I'm concerned that this would only give the insurance industry even freer rein to raise premiums and deny care.

    WHITEHOUSE: Moving Forward on Health Care Reform

  • Yet the biggest hurdle for the libertarian start-ups may be that the transparency commission, which will oversee the development regions, is unlikely to give them free rein.

    ECONOMIST: Free cities

  • Encouragingly, the government seems to have decided that the best way to revive the motor industry is to give foreign investors free rein.

    ECONOMIST: Industry in Russia

  • Greece's lenders are calling on Athens to step up efforts to increase tax collection, privatize public enterprises, and rein in health spending, and are planning to give Greece more time to shore up its economy and finances.

    FORBES: Greece

  • More and more young workers are choosing to turn away from the corporate world to take their chances with smaller, faster-growing firms where they have the opportunity to do more, have more fun, and give their personality free rein.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of the young

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