• Rep. HOLT: There is time to do it before the general election of 2008.

    NPR: Local Election Officials Oppose Paper Ballots

  • Candidates in the general election of November 2012 would not want to be thought reckless.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • The government moved quickly after the General Election of 1997 and introduced three major constitutional bills into parliament.

    BBC: News | Talking Politics | Constitutional Reform since 1997

  • The centre-left's victory in the general election of 1996 shook Mr Fini, though his own party got 6m votes.

    ECONOMIST: Fini��s nice new suit

  • Mr Kohl has trounced him once before, in the general election of 1990.

    ECONOMIST: Who will run for Germany��s top job?

  • The changes have been in the pipeline since the launch of the free-school programme after the general election of 2010.

    BBC: Education & Family

  • The Refounded Communists have been uncomfortable partners for the government ever since the Olive Tree coalition won the general election of April 1996.

    ECONOMIST: Italy

  • Soon after the general election of 2005, Lord Ashcroft published a study showing that voters were repelled by the party's image rather than its policies.

    ECONOMIST: The Conservative donor ends a decade of speculation

  • This situation was reversed by the general election of May 1997, when a particularly large number of women MPs were elected to the Labour benches (101).

    BBC: Women in parliament

  • Since the general election of October 1996, the LDP has gained 22 seats in the Diet's powerful House of Representatives, largely from opposition legislators fleeing their disintegrating parties.


  • She had hoped that Sri Lankans would give her a vote of confidence in the parliamentary general election of October 10th by returning her People's Alliance with an increased majority.

    ECONOMIST: Sri Lanka

  • This gentler Conservatism (and some reckless spending) helped Mr Major win the prize for which the party had sacrificed his predecessor: an unexpected victory in the general election of 1992.

    ECONOMIST: Memoirs are made of this

  • So, after the General Election of 1997, I decided that I ought to stand down no later than mid 1999, in order to give my successor time before the next election.

    BBC: Paddy Ashdown's letter of resignation

  • Indeed, they won her the general election of 1979.

    WSJ: What Would Margaret Thatcher Do?

  • As the general election of June 2nd showed and salmon played no small part in it, just as grain marketing did in the prairie provinces for the Canadian west, the other enemy is far-off Ottawa.

    ECONOMIST: Canada

  • What about the general election of November 2008?

    ECONOMIST: The candidates: Hillary Clinton

  • Hamas, on the other hand, wants immediately to reconvene the Palestinian Legislative Council, the mothballed parliament, in which it has a big majority, as a result of its victory in the general election of 2006.

    ECONOMIST: Palestinian reconciliation

  • No wonder Mr Chirac, a president condemned since the general election of 1997 to cohabit with a left-wing government, is keeping a close eye on the capital: a friendly mayor could help him stay in power.

    ECONOMIST: France

  • Reports both before and after the general election of May 2011, in which Stephen Harper's Conservatives won a majority, claimed that supporters of opposition parties in at least four ridings (constituencies) were directed to the wrong polling station by a recorded phone message, purporting to come from the electoral authority.

    ECONOMIST: Dirty tricks, but did they work?

  • The seminal measure nevertheless reached (and has remained on) the statute book, thanks in no small measure to the support of Dr Duncan Guthrie and other volunteers and finally through the intervention of Prime Minister Harold Wilson, who ensured the passage of the Bill just before the general election of 1970.

    BBC: Alf Morris, the 'quiet revolutionary'

  • This was a commitment made in the Coalition Agreement and in the general election manifestos of both coalition parties.

    BBC: Eric Pickles housing move 'unlawful'

  • The Budget will be another dry run for their general election message of prioritising "a stronger economy in a fairer society".

    BBC: Budget 2013: Osborne's predicament

  • The socialists are widely expected to do poorly in the next general election because of the switch to voting in single-seat districts.

    CNN: The Communists come back

  • Next week, Obama heads to the critical general election state of Florida.

    CNN: Obama looks to bolster weak spot in Michigan

  • The next General Election, of course, is still a long way off.

    BBC: Breaking down the boundaries

  • Those who sought our votes in the 2010 general election sort of admitted this in the campaign but for the most part were in denial.

    BBC: Economy: bonds, austerity, debt and the Age of Plenty

  • They were among 14 Democrats and four Republicans in the special primary, but the Democratic winner was expected to sail through the April 9 general election because of the area is heavily Democratic.

    NPR: Voters Head To Polls In Ex-Rep. Jackson's District

  • The last general election poll of polls -- released May 15 -- showed Obama leading McCain by five points (48 percent to 43 percent) and Clinton leading McCain by four points (48 percent to 44 percent).

    CNN: McCain targets Obama for not going to Iraq

  • Now then from the General Election adulation of "I agree with Nick" to having dog dirt shoved through his letterbox, it has been - to say the least - a rollercoaster ride for the Deputy Prime Minister.

    BBC: Transcript of Nick Clegg interview

  • We can pounce on some gaffe by a Hillary supporter as evidence that she's playing the race card, or we can speculate on whether white men will all flock to John McCain in the general election regardless of his policies.

    NPR: Obama Forced to Address Relationship with Pastor

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