• If you think people are mad having to fork up extra money for content, think how they are going to feel at having to pay for ads.

    FORBES: Why Data-Hungry Mobile Video Advertising Is Not Sustainable

  • Using a large fork to fluff up the rice and fruit mixture, turn it into a serving dish, drizzle with the remaining 2 tablespoons oil and 1 tablespoon orange juice, and combine using the fork.

    NPR: Recipes: 'Screen Doors and Sweet Tea'

  • At least until I took my fork and mixed everything up, as one is supposed to do before eating it.

    BBC: The quest for the perfect pad Thai

  • To my astonishment, he said yes before I'd picked up my fork.


  • In the denuded kitchen, he watched while she broke the yolks of the eggs with a fork, beating them up, adding milk and butter, then sprinkling on pepper.

    NEWYORKER: Faith

  • He picked up a fork and started eating sliced tomato.

    NEWYORKER: Fiction

  • The fork has another trick up its sleeve too, which is that when it thinks you're eating too fast, it'll vibrate when you put it to your lips to let you know to slow down, cowboy.


  • Fluff them up with a fork and add some Earth Balance and a bit of salt for flavor.

    FORBES: The Triumph Of Tofu

  • She held the egg roll in one hand, dunked it into the sauce, and brought it to her mouth while using the fork in her other hand to scoop up more sauce.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'The End Of Overeating

  • Mauricio fluffed up the potatoes with a fork.

    NEWYORKER: Big Med

  • But Google has been pretty up front about the rationale behind the fork -- the multi-process architecture favored by Chromium-based projects is quite different than that used in other WebKit browsers.


  • Jacob would get by till middle age, probably, when he would step onto this death as onto the tines of a garden fork, and the solid shaft of the handle would rear up and hit him in the face.

    NEWYORKER: Homework

  • She cracked a couple of eggs into the pan, broke up the yolks, and stirred them with a cooking fork, then sliced a muffin and put it into the toaster.

    NEWYORKER: Free Radicals

  • Where Pi breaks ground is its reinterpretation of deep dish, with a lot of cornmeal added to the crust, less buttery than the Chicago version, and much more coherent, so that you can pick up a slice and eat it fairly neatly with your hands, rather than the fork and knife casserole version of the Windy City.

    FORBES: Obama's Favorite Pizza Finally Comes to DC

  • You can scoop it up, street-style, with corn tortillas or dig in with a knife and fork.

    FORBES: Eating Bugs: The Next Culinary Trend

  • Better fry up some synthetic fish sticks in my Teflon skillet and then eat them with my stainless steel fork.

    FORBES: Making Money Promoting Anti-Vaccine Myths

  • Sharp or blunt, table knives also meant forks, if for no other reason than that, once you stopped impaling your meat (not to mention tearing it up with your hands and teeth) and began cutting it on a plate, you needed a fork to anchor it while you sliced.

    NEWYORKER: A Fork of One��s Own

  • If Western countries have to reduce emissions and fork out extensive sums of money and they do not, they stand to gain a competitive advantage - and dragging up the past as often as possible helps this agenda.

    BBC: Durban: Climate summit looks back and forward

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