• Because it opposes the attractive force of gravity, dark energy tends to inhibit cluster formation.

    ECONOMIST: Cosmology

  • The force of gravity is a "basic physical constant, " Mr. Minsky, 85, explains.

    WSJ: Looking for Something Useful to Do With Your Time? Don't Try This

  • James Toseland also felt the force of gravity down under, ditching his own YZR-M1 halfway through an otherwise positive opening session.

    BBC: Matt Roberts' MotoGP column

  • Economic sentiment there followed roughly the trajectory of a ski jumper, with a majestic launch giving way quickly to the force of gravity.

    ECONOMIST: What will this year's world expo do for Nagoya?

  • The video mentions 9g nine times the force of gravity when the supersonic parachute deploys slowing the spacecraft down from 14, 000 mph to 200 mph.

    FORBES: 7 Minutes of Big Data: Driving NASA's Mars Curiosity

  • To replace the force of gravity to ensure waste goes down into the toilet, there is actually a vacuum hose that sucks the waste.

    FORBES: How Does The Restroom In The International Space Station Work?

  • Under one, small dust grains circling around a parent star collide, get larger and larger, and under the force of gravity develop into a much larger object.

    WSJ: Possible New Planet Spotted Under Formation

  • Under one scenario, small dust grains circling around a parent star collide, get larger and larger, and under the force of gravity develop into much larger objects.

    WSJ: Possible New Planet Spotted Under Formation

  • Even less normal for an Anglican church in the Georgian period is the outward emphasis on the force of gravity rather than any upward possibility of heavenly grace.

    WSJ: St. Mary Woolnoth | Nicholas Hawksmoor | Fortress of God | Masterpiece by Richard B. Woodward

  • An even stranger suggestion, made in 2002 by Mikhail Gershteyn, then at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is that the force of gravity is different in different directions.

    ECONOMIST: Gravitational anomalies

  • On a lark, Mr. Minsky spent some time "inventing useless things, " he says, such as a "gravity machine, " a device that would ring a bell if the force of gravity changed.

    WSJ: Looking for Something Useful to Do With Your Time? Don't Try This

  • According to Einstein, the force of gravity keeping your feet on the ground is fundamentally identical to the force slamming your body forward when you hit the brakes on the highway or take a sudden sharp turn.

    FORBES: Physicists Seek A Divorce: Prying Gravity ... From Inertia

  • Now sponsored by the energy drink maker Red Bull, the theme of this year's competition was "games" and included a centrifuge made with a golf cart engine that spun players at up to five times the force of gravity.

    CNN: , for

  • As images and stories put us in awe of nature's destructive power, it may be worth a moment to marvel at the force of gravity that governs the behavior of all matter, from the waters of Lake Pontchartrain to light.

    NPR: Defying Gravity, and Odds, in New Orleans

  • Cmdr Hadfield added that upon his return to Earth he noticed the weight of his tongue and lips and was remembering how to speak under the force of gravity, while his neck and back felt sore from having to support his head again.

    BBC: Chris Hadfield: 'Space was too good not to share it'

  • Experiments currently being undertaken at Stanford, and also by John Price, a physicist at the University of Colorado, will measure the force of gravity over a distance of less than a millimetre (the size of loop expected if there are only two extra gravity-swallowing dimensions).

    ECONOMIST: A matter of gravity

  • Other theorists, such as Georgi Dvali of New York University and Joao Magueijo of Imperial College, London, say a changing alpha might come from a hitherto unknown force of nature that could modify the law of gravity.

    ECONOMIST: Fundamental physics

  • At Oort-cloud distances, the strength of this combined gravity adds up to the same sort of force as that exerted by the solar gravitational field, enfeebled as it is by its remoteness from the sun.

    ECONOMIST: X marks the spot

  • Greed, like gravity, is a force of nature.


  • It appears that gravity, the same pesky force of nature that caused the edible variety of an apple to fall on Sir Isaac Newton's head, is causing one of Wall Street's tech darlings to fall as well.


  • They constructed levees that, in all but the most extreme circumstances, overcame gravity's force and held back hundreds of millions of tons of water that would otherwise seek a route to the Earth's core via New Orleans.

    NPR: Defying Gravity, and Odds, in New Orleans

  • Isaac Newton showed how a universal force, gravity, applied to all objects in all parts of the universe.

    BBC: Children encouraged into science

  • Both Pioneers act as though an extra force beyond mere gravity is tugging at them from the direction of the sun.

    ECONOMIST: Physics

  • And dark energy may turn out to be almost the mirror opposite of gravity - a repulsive rather than an attractive force, and one that strengthens with distance rather than weakening.

    BBC: Getting the measure of dark energy

  • They are addicted to their trade surplus with the U.S. At some point the U.S. has to get out of its debt-fuelled dynamic or market gravity will force it on it later and at much greater cost.

    FORBES: U.S. Can No Longer Play Santa

  • "The Ariad position is equivalent to discovering that gravity is the force that makes water run downhill and then demanding the owners of all the existing hydroelectric plants begin to pay patent royalties on their use of gravity, " says Armitage.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Gravity bombs are designed to be delivered by the U.S. bomber force composed of the B-52 "Stratofortress" and the B-2 "Spirit".


  • Equally importantly, the Higgs allows two of the four forces in nature -- the electromagnetic force and the weak force, which is responsible for most nuclear reactions -- to be unified and described by mathematics of the same type that describe the other two known forces, the so-called strong force and gravity.

    CNN: Higgs and the holy grail of physics

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