• Mr Ramos's successor, President Joseph Estrada (a former tough-guy film actor) has shown far less patience.

    ECONOMIST: The Philippines

  • But he is a famous film actor who feeds a popular yearning for heroes, even fictional ones.

    ECONOMIST: A dirty campaign

  • "It's great for audiences to be able to come and see a film actor in stage, " added Lloyd.

    BBC: Theatre's Olivier Award winners to be announced

  • Eminent dramatist and Gujarati film actor Shri Arun Rajguru, Producer, Children Programmme at Doordarshan Kendra, Ahmedabad will be the Guest of Honour.

    UNESCO: World Science Day

  • So did the fact that Mrs Arroyo had been trained as an economist, whereas Mr Estrada's main qualification for the presidency was his fame as a film actor.

    ECONOMIST: The Philippines: The good earth | The

  • Though Price was most famous as a horror film actor, he was also an alumnus of the prestigious Courtauld Institute of Art, and he took his curatorial role seriously.

    FORBES: Costco Is Now Selling Matisse. Why Not Take On Gagosian Gallery?

  • In this ledger, Mr Singson said, the president is referred to as Asiong Salonga the name of a gangster Mr Estrada once portrayed in his previous career as a film actor.

    ECONOMIST: The Philippines

  • And certainly when you're a film actor, despite the fact that you're constantly, you know, being reached for and grabbed at and photographed--when you're working, you're alone on the set with the director and, you know, a handful of grips, and that's that.

    NPR: Keeping Tom Cruise On Topic, and Quiet

  • Phoenix starred with Wahlberg in Gray's "The Yards" some years back, and watching him in these pictures you appreciate what a great film noir actor he would have made.

    CNN: Review: 'We Own the Night' owns the screen

  • In 1985, Phil Silvers, American film and TV actor noted for his Sergeant Bilko character, died.

    CNN: Saturday,

  • She regularly appeared on stage, television and film opposite her actor husband, the late Michael Denison.

    BBC: Howards' Way star Dulcie Gray dies at 95

  • For the Great British Railway stamps, users are treated to a short film of English actor Bernard Cribbins reading W.H.

    FORBES: Snail Mail Goes High Tech (Sort Of)

  • Dark fantasy Holy Motors, which divided critics at Cannes last year, also received nine nominations, including best film and best actor (Denis Lavant).

    BBC: Emmanuelle Riva

  • And Cheeky, the first film directed by actor David Thewlis - who plays Professor Remus Lupin in Harry Potter 3 - will also be screened.

    BBC: NEWS | Entertainment | Female stars lead London festival

  • Johann Sfar's biopic Gainsbourg, about the famed French singer, was also nominated in eight categories including best film, best first film and best actor for Eric Elmosnino.

    BBC: Quentin Tarantino

  • If it costs a lot to film a real actor in a car crash--or if you want to create an effect a human couldn't do safely--use a computerized actor .


  • The process was explained to me by Havens, a 42-year-old former New York City film and TV actor turned social-media maven who has gathered together some important people to support the project (though money is, of course, elusive).

    FORBES: Are You Happy? An App Tries To Raise Our Collective Mood

  • The film won best comedy actor and actress for leads Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, best comedy film, and best ensemble for a cast which includes Oscar nominees Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver.

    BBC: Argo triumphs at Critics Choice Awards

  • Directed by actor turned film-maker Amol Palekar, Paheli stars Shah Rukh Khan and reigning top actress, Rani Mukherjee.

    BBC: NEWS | South Asia | India chooses Paheli for Oscars

  • In the publicity surrounding the new Twilight film, Eclipse, actor Taylor Lautner often looks like the third wheel.

    FORBES: Why Taylor Lautner Could Turn Out to Be Twilight's Biggest Star

  • As for sister digital station BBC 6 Music, comedian Kathy Burke and film-maker and actor Harry Shearer will curate shows in the run up to Red Nose Day.

    BBC: French and Saunders 'hijack' Radio 2 for Comic Relief

  • The film stars 127 Hours actor James Franco as Diggs, a con-man who finds himself in Oz after being caught up in a Baum-esque freak tornado.

    BBC: Sam Raimi re-builds Oz for a 3D audience

  • Skillfully performed and welcomely unpredictable, this low-budget crime film, made by actor turned director Carl Franklin, starts out as a herky-jerky exploitation piece, then turns into something better.

    NEWYORKER: One False Move

  • Following closely behind the leaders pack was Bond film Skyfall with eight nominations, including best British film and best supporting actor and actress for Javier Bardem and Judi Dench.

    BBC: Baftas: Lincoln leads but Spielberg snubbed

  • "The only way I can sum it up is like when you're trying to remember the name of a famous actor or film star and it's on the tip of your tongue, but you just can't get it, " he said.

    BBC: Memory-loss Birmingham man's identity plea

  • It says something that the only star in the film (the popular actor Kenneth More) played a comparatively lowly, though heroic, character Second Officer Herbert Lightoller, who managed to keep thirty men alive while they all stood on an overturned lifeboat.

    NEWYORKER: Unsinkable

  • Marco Antonio de Carvalho, 25, actor, Film student and assistant director for GNT (TV network), was among the curious passers-by who entered the QR Code that redirects to the campaign site on the web and gives access to videos featuring Brazilian performers Rodrigo Santoro, Alice Braga and MV Bill.

    UNESCO: Social and Human Sciences

  • After a sprightly first ten minutes, the magic simply evaporates from the surface of the film, and one actor after another comes to grief: Will Ferrell overheats as a fading star called Jack, who fancies himself as a Darren de nos jours, while Shirley MacLaine is handed the part of Endora and pretty much abandoned to her fate.

    NEWYORKER: Bewitched

  • After that, the actor's total compensation (upfront pay plus any money earned from sharing in the film's profits) was divided into the gross income to get the actor's payback figure for the film.

    FORBES: Hollywood's Most Overpaid Movie Stars

  • Sir Michael Gambon was awarded the Richard Harris Award for outstanding contribution by an actor to British film.

    BBC: Broken wins top prize at British Independent Film Awards

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