• All of these factors will feed back on sensory and communication functions.

    FORBES: What Do Autistic People Want From Science?

  • This creates a self-sustaining negative feed back loop as prices fall, produces cut back production, creating more unemployment, reducing demand, which increase deflationary pressures.

    FORBES: American Political Economy Alters English Language

  • Plus, the analysis allows you to feed back into the planning process so you can tweak campaigns, fine-tune customer lifecycle information and move forward with confidence.

    FORBES: Three Marketing Trends to Watch in Q4

  • An accelerating China economy should feed back into improving growth in the U.S., and over here Chung is betting on an interesting trend in consumer retail.

    FORBES: Alger's Chung Sees Renewed China Growth Next Year -- After A Correction

  • Regularly feed back insights gained from social media monitoring to Management and into the Communications and Editorial teams, to help them evolve their strategies in a timely fashion.

    UNESCO: Vacancy : Social Media / Web Coordinator (5/12/2011) BPI 021 - (P1P2)

  • "Declining industrial imports feed back into declining output, " said Joseph S. Berliner, a professor emeritus of economics at Brandeis University who has been studying the Soviet economy since 1950.


  • If anything, the tendency towards smaller, more socially successful families tends to feed back on itself over the generations, and the contribution of the K-selected to the gene pool therefore shrinks.

    ECONOMIST: The demographic transition: More or less | The

  • However, this tends to increase the size of all the other text or everything else on the page too, and maybe you just want your Facebook news feed back the way it was.

    FORBES: Is Facebook's New Font Size Too Small? Try Facebook Font Fixer

  • Participants often feed back to us how empowered they feel by the end of the forum - not only able, but passionate about using their voices, networks and shared experiences to contribute to their respective communities.

    UNESCO: United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance Day

  • In partnership with the likes of MIT and Georgia Tech, Pirelli Labs is studying telecommunications technologies like broadband access and photonics, which can feed back into Tel Italia, and new materials for tires and environmental cleanup.

    FORBES: The Forbes Global 2000

  • The GSC shall endeavor to assess and improve "readiness" of each EOV to be measured in a sustained way, and encourage the observation systems of the world to regularly assess the fitness-for-purpose of the outputs of the ocean observing system, in order to feed back into updated requirements.

    UNESCO: Indigenous Peoples

  • It's equally possible to feed results back to Alfred, launch scripts and trigger notifications (whether Mountain Lion's or Growl's), among other feats.


  • The Way Institute will eventually have the capacity to spin off for-profit ventures that will ultimately feed money back into the project, and make sure technologies developed during the 100YSS are applied correctly.

    MSN: Uniting the planet for a journey to another star

  • The new locomotives are designed for easier maintenance, will improve energy efficiency by using a regenerative braking system that will feed energy back into the power grid and will enhance mobility for the people, businesses and economy of the entire Northeast region.

    ENGADGET: blogger-avatar

  • Smart software systems can analyze building information for trends and comparisons, and feed the results back into ever-improving energy reduction strategies.

    FORBES: The Next Bright Idea: Software For Lighting

  • For instance, homes equipped with solar-power panels could feed unused electricity back into the grid, adding to the total available supply.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Another hacker known as th3j35t3r, who has previously sided with the U.S. military against online extremist groups, promised in his twitter feed to strike back at LulzSec.

    FORBES: Testing The Limits, LulzSec Takes Down CIA's Website

  • Eventually, says Gruber, his fermenting process will be adapted to use corn stalks or wheat straw--known as stover and now sold as cheap animal feed or plowed back into soil--to further knock down the cost.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Imagine how powerful it would be to combine what your customers are saying about a new product release on Twitter, with the support cases being logged on that product and any defects logged in an engineering database, and then feed that information back into engineering, marketing and sales.

    FORBES: Corporate America's Deficit Problem: Lack Of Insight

  • But one day they'll be back to feed on our greed and to make a disgusting mess in our backyard.

    ECONOMIST: The wealth of nations

  • Trent Ish welcomed us back to Evans Feed Store and introduced us to his brother-in-law, Mike Evans, the store's co-owner.

    NPR: Economic Check-Up in Broken Bow


feedback control [计]反馈控制;回馈控制

negative feedback 负反馈;负回授

information feedback 信息反馈

positive feedback 正反馈

feedback system 反馈系统;反馈方式

feedback information 反馈信息

feedback mechanism n. 反馈机制,回馈机制

feedback loop [计]反馈环路,反馈回路

force feedback [机器人]力反馈

feedback control system 反馈控制系统

market feedback 市场反馈;市场调查资料

feedback circuit 反馈电路

feedback signal 回馈信号,反馈信号

feedback effect 反馈效应;反馈作用

position feedback 位置反馈;定位反馈

feedback amplifier 回馈放大器

immediate feedback 即时反馈;立即反馈

acoustic feedback 声反馈;声回授

feedback component 反馈元件

feedback data 反馈数据

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