• And they are only slowly calling back workers laid off during the falloff in business.

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  • Longer-term U.S. Treasury bonds have appreciated 10% since March, more than compensating for the recent falloff of the dollar.

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  • In recent weeks, the falloff in oil prices has sapped some of the euphoria from ethanol stocks .

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  • In contrast, iOS and Android are pictured growing quickly, with no signs of a plateau or falloff yet.

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  • But KI's larger competitors, such as publicly traded Steelcase and Herman Miller, were hit worse by the tech falloff.

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  • Merrill is combating the falloff in individual investing by cutting costs, says Ken Worthington, analyst at CIBC World Markets.

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  • Meanwhile, a steep falloff in stock-market price swings is making investors more confident in their ability to peg companies' values.

    WSJ: Stock-Sale Discounts Get a Haircut

  • Post once a day : I see an immediate falloff in traffic if I stop blogging even for a day.

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  • Italy, too, saw substantial domestic buying in early 2012, and there are signs there, as well, of a falloff in demand.

    WSJ: Markets Fear End of Stimulus

  • Further price gains could lead to a greater falloff in demand, hurting some of the biggest producers such as Coca-Cola Co.

    WSJ: Orange-Juice Futures Leap to Record

  • Figures for the June 2003 fiscal year are disappointing: in U.S. dollar terms, a 22% rise in revenue, but a 10% falloff in operating profit.

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  • Olson estimated 1.4 million fewer taxpayers claimed those breaks in 2006 than 2005, and says there was no explanation for the falloff except for confusion caused by the delay.

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  • While he has enjoyed great success as an investor, the falloff demonstrates the painful limitations of his philosophy: Buy good companies he understands and hold on to them forever.

    FORBES: Buffett: What went wrong?

  • In our pages last October, as he has elsewhere, Roach repeated his warnings, specifically citing commodity prices as prone to a falloff in activity, both in the U.S. and China.

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  • Kinsley, the former New Republic editor (and current TIME essayist), reports that 17, 000 subscribers had signed up by midweek, a big falloff in audience but a necessary step, he argues, if the Webzine is to be a self-sustaining business.

    CNN: Is Slate Worth Paying For?

  • The strong peso has hurt exports, but not as much as last year's falloff in demand from the U.S. So far this year the Mexican Bolsa is up 10% in dollar terms, but stocks are still relatively cheap at 17 times earnings.

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  • "We expect economic slowing and belt-tightening, but we don't see this falloff as being as precipitous as it was in 2001, " says Robert Kurtter, a managing director at Moody's (nyse: MCO - news - people ) muni bond rating service.

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  • Barry Schwartz, a blogger for search marketing site Search Engine Roundtable, says that even though his pagerank dropped from seven to four on a scale from one to 10, he hasn't seen a falloff in traffic from Google searches or even a drop in his site's placement in Google's search results.

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