• This will be illustrated through specific practical examples of the use of the tools to facilitate change in different regions of the world.

    UNESCO: All Events | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • Our tax system should facilitate change and reward innovation, not enshrine the status quo, subsidize the politically powerful and shortchange America's potential for growth.

    CNN: Viewpoint: Remaking a Mess

  • To the contrary, resources and support are offered to facilitate change.

    FORBES: An In-Depth Interview with Vinny Dotoli of the Harlem Academy

  • The two governments are now pledged, in a new British-Irish accord signed on December 2nd, to facilitate change in the status of Northern Ireland only when a majority there wishes it.

    ECONOMIST: Enemies and colleagues

  • The next step, after you have identified where innovation should take place, is to select the tools that can facilitate the change you are looking for.

    FORBES: Innovation Lessons From Star Trek

  • Using a holistic approach, pedagogical approaches and techniques in their own school environment, teachers can develop the capacities to facilitate climate change mitigation, adaptation and disaster risk reduction learning.


  • While 19 states have received funding so far, 34 states modified state education laws or policies to facilitate needed change, and 48 states worked together to create a voluntary set of rigorous college- and career-ready standards.

    WHITEHOUSE: Home ? Race to the Top

  • But, assuming that the Al Sauds can sort out among themselves who is to rule or, as many Saudis now grumble openly, decide how to share future spoils the kingdom lacks formal mechanisms to facilitate or legitimise change, such as an elected parliament, a respected supreme court, or an independent press.

    ECONOMIST: Saudi Arabia

  • And if the organization has the money to bring in consultant automata, these are seldom given enough time or exposure to the game in play to be able to properly reflect upon the rules, let alone facilitate the required second order change.

    FORBES: Automata, Re-Orgs and E2.0

  • Where you as the leader may be part of the problem in the mutual learning process, it may be necessary to ask a third party inside the organization, or a consultant from outside the organization to facilitate the transformation, or the resolution of a tough change issue.

    FORBES: A Winning Startup Team Takes a Learning Leader

  • Barak is also eager for a fast peace, before a White House change of guard disrupts Washington's ability to facilitate new deals.

    CNN: Love at First Wonk

  • This only started to change in the 1990s when Kuala Lumpur offered to facilitate peace talks between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Manila.

    WSJ: Michael Vatikiotis: Malaysia the Moderate Peacemaker

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