• So how are companies like Estee Lauder, which sells this face cream, getting Chinese consumers to part with their money?

    NPR: Marketing to Millions: China's Changing Tastes

  • Scientists first discovered dry water in the late 1960s and the cosmetics industry used it to make things like face cream.

    FORBES: What Is Dry Water?

  • These can range from a new face cream to a new model of car, or a film (which is now considered a brand).

    ECONOMIST: Consumer goods

  • When she was with the Maquis, silk stockings and Elizabeth Arden face cream were often dropped for her by parachute, along with Sten guns, radios and grenades.

    ECONOMIST: Nancy Wake

  • With the cutting finished, my face is wrapped in another hot towel before a face cream is massaged into my cheeks and a further hot towel is applied, followed by some aftershave balm.

    WSJ: Razor Sharp | The Return of the Classic Wet Shave

  • The celebration of silence continues at the Quiet Shop on the ground floor, where you'll find exclusive de-branded versions of recognisable products, including pots of Marmite, bottles of Heinz tomato ketchup, Creme de la Mer face cream and Levis red label jeans.

    BBC: Silence is golden at Selfridges

  • Now, 3, 000-year-old ivory artifacts recovered by Mallowan between 1949 and 1963 from the ancient city of Nimrud, in what is now Iraq, and likely cleaned by his famous wife using cotton wool buds and face cream, go on display Monday at the British Museum in London.

    CNN: Agatha Christie's secret life as an archaeologist

  • The moral issues uncovered in every scene range from the central one how should the privileged treat the poor to the acceptability or otherwise of gossiping about friends, building an extension that blocks the neighbours' view, overreacting when someone takes your parking space, or stealing an employer's expensive face-cream (perfectly permissible if you use it on your feet).

    ECONOMIST: Independent films

  • There's nothing wrong with people anointing your face with fancy seaweed cream.

    WSJ: Face Facts: Treatment Not So Bad

  • After Jordany Valdespin's game-ending grand slam last month, Buck clobbered him in the face with a whipped-cream pie.

    WSJ: The Catcher Whose Kudos Can Hurt

  • The self-confessed "ice cream junkie" is alleged to have been found intoxicated nearby with ice cream on his face and clothing, after breaking into the church's deep freezer.

    BBC: Quiz of the week's news

  • As the tosser, a comedian known as Jonnie Marbles, came out of nowhere to blast Murdoch in the face with pie filling (or shaving cream), 42-year-old Wendi leapt up and smacked him square across the face.

    FORBES: Who Will Play Wendi "Dang" On SNL?

  • It was more like a string of arrests for throwing cream pies in the mayors face.

    FORBES: The demonizing of a hacker

  • The year: Started 1998 with a Belgian cream pie flung in his face.

    FORBES: The World's Working Rich

  • He commandeered the pie-smashing duties last season, elevating the act of slamming whipped cream onto one's face into a science.

    WSJ: The Catcher Whose Kudos Can Hurt

  • Nope, young Jayden Moss preferred to watch his father throwing a cream pie in his own face and made Brandon replay it 18 times.

    NPR: Tired Tale: Moss, A's Reflect On 19-Inning Win

  • Michel Camdessus's final days at the IMF's helm are most vividly remembered for a face-full of anti-globalization cream pie he got at the UNCTAD meeting in Bangkok last month.

    CNN: Bright Ideas

  • If the News Corp. mogul failed to capitalize on the latter, he at least successfully skirted the former, and ended up without any egg on his face just a little shaving cream.

    FORBES: Murdoch Survives Hearing, But His Aura Takes a Hit

  • If I had told any of the coaches or players that I was going to trade their jumbo jet for a jumbo ice cream sundae, they would have laughed in my face.

    FORBES: Improvisation -- a Different Way of Solving Business Problems Yields Big Rewards

  • Murdoch is lucky that a prankster got close enough to spatter him with shaving cream from a failed pie-in-the-face attempt.

    FORBES: Murdoch Survives Hearing, But His Aura Takes a Hit

  • These works are certainly in your face, but whether they have the satirical impact of more than a shaving-cream pie is debatable.

    ECONOMIST: It��s stupidity, stupid

  • But she was interested in the skin cream: the hostess sent her home with a bottle, and it gave her face a similar glow.

    FORBES: Weak Signals, Strong Ideas

  • Then he picks up an Oreo, delicately twists it apart, and licks off the white cream filling before returning the cookie to the tray, a satisfied look on his face.

    NEWYORKER: Don��t!

  • Cosmopolitan's health and beauty editor Laura Bacharach recommends face-lifting creams which she says are "a more sophisticated version of egg whites and haemorrhoid cream used by Hollywood film stars".

    BBC: Surviving the big day

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