• It essentially takes the heated extrusion head off a 3D printer and incorporates it into a standalone device.


  • About a year later IBM began developing a small 3-D printer with an extrusion mechanism eerily similar to Crump's patented design but with a different feeding system.

    FORBES: Almost Out of the Woods

  • In 1999, he was suspended by the NFL for one year after being found guilty of failing to report a felony arising from a gambling fraud and extrusion case.

    FORBES: Last Minute Guide To Super Bowl XLVII

  • Certainly, the Replicator marks a big step over its predecessor, the Thing-O-Matic, introducing dual-extrusion for two-colored printing and a much larger printing area, letting users create standalone objects roughly the size of a loaf of bread.

    ENGADGET: MakerBot Replicator impressions: the dawning of 3D printers in every home?


extrusion process 挤压过程;压铸工艺

cold extrusion 冷挤制法

extrusion die 挤压模;挤制模型

hot extrusion 热挤压

extrusion forming 挤压成形;挤压成型;加压成型

aluminum extrusion 挤压铝制品;铝挤压件;喷铝配件

extrusion molding 挤出成形

extrusion line 挤塑生产流水线

extrusion press 挤压机;滚压挤压机;挤压器;冲床

extrusion moulding 挤压成形;挤塑法

backward extrusion 反挤压;反向挤压;逆向挤制

sheet extrusion 全张挤压;板的挤压

extrusion stress 挤压应力

extrusion coating 挤压涂层;热压涂料

impact extrusion 冲击挤压,冲击挤压加工;冲环压

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