• She responds with relentless and enthusiastic waves of her extravagantly manicured fingers, her smile implacable.

    BBC: America��s country music heartland

  • What happens, for example, when a company that pays low salaries acquires one that pays extravagantly?


  • He is extravagantly generous and makes sure that he is seen to be so.

    NEWYORKER: Booted

  • Of course, not everyone can afford to give extravagantly, even if the newlyweds are dear friends.

    CNN: Here comes the bride, there goes your wallet?

  • Once smitten, he purchased extravagantly, for pleasure, increasingly expertly, occasionally selling in order to finance further purchases.

    BBC: A Point of View: The art of collecting

  • They may be more likely to commit the sort of extravagantly violent crimes that attract stiff sentences.

    ECONOMIST: Poor whites

  • The rocket was celebrated extravagantly in North Korea, with a mass rally held in the capital, Pyongyang.

    BBC: North Korea rocket 'has 10,000km range'

  • While other members of the Bolkiah family are known for their high living, Jefri did it more blatantly and extravagantly.

    CNN: 'Everyone Was Shocked'

  • Hannah thumped through her keyboard practice with hot cheeks and wept extravagantly when Suzie told her off for tickling Joel.

    NEWYORKER: The Swan

  • Bankers and politicians who privately think that Mr Mugabe is a disaster will nevertheless praise him extravagantly to his face.

    ECONOMIST: Judgment day

  • And by extravagantly funded man-made climate crisis media campaigns of decidedly political origin promoting expansion of government bureaucracy and regulatory authority.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • That might embolden American efforts to shelter its extravagantly subsidised sugar industry.

    ECONOMIST: A battle over American-led free trade brews in Asia

  • In 1954, when he won the Nobel prize, his friend, John O'Hara, declared extravagantly that he was the most outstanding author since Shakespeare.

    ECONOMIST: He loved to rock the boat

  • If along the way, opportunities are foreclosed for arms control agreements whose true value to American security will inevitably be extravagantly overstated, so be it.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: At What Price Arms Control Agreements?

  • The extravagantly far-right demagogue, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has run out of puff.

    ECONOMIST: Boris Yeltsin��s unruly brood

  • "Love's Labour's Lost" is the most extravagantly artificial of Shakespeare's comedies, a pun-encrusted farrago of frenetic wordplay that lacks the emotional immediacy of his better-known plays.

    WSJ: Star-Crossed Teens Clueless in Verona

  • But that left Ponting on strike to Harbhajan, and an attempted cut played to a ball that spun extravagantly left him cramped for room and clean bowled.

    BBC: Krejza raises Australia's spirits

  • It was true: the PRI, when in power, paid some journalists extravagantly, and supported many newspapers and other media in return for coverage that suited its purposes.

    NEWYORKER: The Kingpins

  • Perhaps you have seen CSS Zen Garden where the same basic HTML page is rendered in extravagantly different forms solely through applying a different CSS file?

    FORBES: The Big Fix #2: Should Apple Be Broken Up?

  • Still there's no doubt that we're going to have to also address the long-term quandary of a government that routinely and extravagantly spends more than it takes in.

    WHITEHOUSE: Encouraging Long-Term Fiscal Responsibility and Reform

  • If Mr Bercow were Japanese he would have wept extravagantly.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot: Playing the race card | The

  • Head to one of the nearby cemeteries, where families spare no effort in their quest to create the most extravagantly decorated gravesite, replete with elaborate flowers and the eerie glow of countless candles.

    BBC: Get spooked: Five sensational Halloween destinations

  • Peter L. Stern of Boston had a couple of attention-snatching, jacketed examples of This Side of Paradise (1920) and Flappers and Philosophers (1922), extravagantly inscribed by Fitzgerald, the latter presented to comic actor Edward Everett Horton.

    FORBES: Rare Books and Suicide Bombers

  • They are the ones who borrowed extravagantly with the pretense that good intentions trumped fiscal responsibility, who set the rules that require banks to hold zero capital against government debt, and who permitted the European Central Bank to buy billions of euros of that debt from banks.

    FORBES: Greece And The Crisis Of The Governing Elite

  • The winger recounts how his older team-mate led the joshing upon hearing of his latest extravagantly named musical discovery - The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - only to unwittingly give Nevin a glowing review of the band's later incarnation - the KLF - several years later.

    BBC: Alex McLeish earns shot at Wembley glory

  • As if those two weren't enough, Spidey must further contend with the on-again-off-again rage of his erstwhile friend Harry Osborn (James Franco), who holds our hero responsible for the death of Harry's father, the extravagantly crazed Green Goblin, and seeks revenge by transforming himself into the much less extravagant New Goblin.

    WSJ: Film Review

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