• Inefficient market advocates say there are ample opportunities to exploit markets over the long-term and point to Warren Buffett as proof.

    FORBES: Occam's Razor on Investing

  • Under his influence, Islamists have successfully enlisted Western capitalists to help them exploit free markets as a strategic tool for promoting and insinuating their toxic, supremacist politico-military-legal doctrine throughout the Free World, including the United States.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Warfare's new financial face

  • This puts a new urgency on being able to understand more fully and with greater speed what a content owner has to exploit, in what markets, and in what formats.

    FORBES: Content Wars: The Struggle For Profit Amidst New Consumption Models

  • But even as their markets in industrialised countries are closed, asbestos producers are finding huge new markets to exploit - among people who know little of the epidemic of cancer asbestos has created elsewhere.

    BBC: News Online

  • Competitors worry Comcast could use the fiber to exploit the loophole in other markets if the company feels it could make more profit by using sports exclusives to retain or attract customers than from reselling games to rivals.

    FORBES: Playing Hardball

  • High-frequency trading relies on algorithms that exploit tiny price differences in the markets.

    FORBES: Goldman 'spy' trial tests trade-secret limits

  • How will this make me more flexible to deal with shifting markets, and how will I exploit this flexibility?

    FORBES: Outsourcing - Right or Wrong? 9 Key Questions

  • In effect, many of the big banks have turned themselves from businesses whose profits rose and fell with the capital-raising needs of their clients into immense trading houses whose fortunes depend on their ability to exploit day-to-day movements in the markets.

    NEWYORKER: What Good Is Wall Street?

  • First, they must exploit their two basic advantages economies of scale and local knowledge to expand into new markets.

    ECONOMIST: Schumpeter

  • That way, El Paso's customers--and its own trading desk--can better exploit short-term swings in supply and demand, just as they do every day in the gas and electricity markets.

    FORBES: Switch Hitter

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