• But many people may have believed that they were locked into their existing loan.

    BBC: abbey

  • "That is why we will reconsider our participation in terms of the restructuring of the existing loan, " he said.

    WSJ: Russia Denounces Proposed Cyprus Bank Tax

  • So far the Small Business Administration has approved loans and allowed many small businesses to defer existing loan payments.

    WHITEHOUSE: Deepwater BP Oil Spill: Presidential Press Conference

  • On Tuesday March 24th it announced increased borrowing limits on existing loan instruments.

    ECONOMIST: The IMF is in search of a role, and a happier reputation

  • The Small Business Administration has stepped in to help businesses by approving loans and allowing deferrals of existing loan payments.

    WHITEHOUSE: Weekly Address: Speaking from Louisiana on the Oil Spill

  • Sporitelna's existing loan book was ring-fenced: Erste and the government could pick the loans they wanted, and the rest went to the consolidation agency.

    ECONOMIST: Grab and smash

  • Ukrainian Kostyantin Zhevago needed to sell his 21% stake in iron ore producer Ferrexpo after JPMorgan Chase canceled an existing loan when Ferrexpo's share price plummeted.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Though you'd pay much more over its life, a 40-year loan at current interest rates would be considerably less expensive on a monthly basis than your existing loan.

    WSJ: Will the Lender Cancel My Loan?

  • As I said yesterday, the Small Business Administration has stepped in to help businesses by approving loans, but also as important, allowing many to defer existing loan payments.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Assesses BP Oil Spill Response

  • Mr. Siluanov said Russia had an agreement with the euro-zone countries to coordinate action, part of which would include Russia possibly easing the conditions of Cyprus's existing loan payments.

    WSJ: Russia Denounces Proposed Cyprus Bank Tax

  • Essentially the goal in re-mortgaging an existing loan is to reduce the payment by getting a lower interest rate, stretching out the payments over a longer period of time, or both.

    FORBES: Use These 8 Loans To Pay For College

  • In order to ensure Chadwick is available for the end-of-season play-offs, Cardiff will have to delay their approach until the end of the month because extensions to existing loan deals are not permitted.

    BBC: Chadwick move on hold

  • From where things stand now, it looks like Cyprus will be looking to expand on its relationship with Russia with an extension of an existing loan, an appeal for a lower interest rate and most importantly, introducing the role of untapped gas reserves to the conversation.

    FORBES: Can Natural Gas Save Cyprus?

  • Both want to expand an existing government loan-guarantee scheme and to set tougher net lending targets for the nationalised banks.

    ECONOMIST: Two views on new banking rules are better than one

  • Under discussion: extending the pay-back term of an existing Russian loan of 2.5bn euros, made in 2011, and whether Russian could buy into a troubled bank.

    BBC: Cyprus bank crisis: Mounting EU pressure

  • "The inflation data should come as a relief to existing home loan customers who have been saddled with high equated monthly instalments (EMIs) for the last few years, " reports financial website NDTV Profit.

    BBC: Indian media: Police violence

  • Hong Kong-based businessman Balram Chainrai has taken 90% of the club's shares after the existing owners defaulted on loan payments due to him.

    BBC: Owner Al-Faraj may challenge latest Portsmouth takeover

  • On the precipice of death, Painter obtained an emergency bridge loan from existing investors, which include Capricorn Investment Group, GRP Partners and an affiliate of Guthy-Renker.

    FORBES: TrueCar.com Founder Gets A Do-Over After Almost Killing His Company

  • Education Department officials have said they can double loan volume through the direct loan program with existing personnel and computer systems.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In recent months, the Federal Reserve and other banking agencies have issued statements calling on mortgage lenders and mortgage servicers to find prudent ways to resolve loan problems with existing borrowers.

    NPR: Bernanke Warns Congress of Economic Slowdown

  • This argument overlooks a business loan, the already existing free market solution to the problem.

    FORBES: Do Tariffs Protect an Infant Industry?

  • The authority has said it is now effectively ACL's banker, a move which allows ACL to pay off a previous loan arrangement with its existing bank.

    BBC: Ricoh Arena: Coventry council votes to back ?14m loan

  • Third, if the bailout loan ranks ahead of existing private-sector loans to the Spanish government, there is a risk that Spain will end up paying more to borrow from conventional commercial sources - which is precisely the opposite of what it wanted.

    BBC: Messy Spanish rescue

  • It might indeed make sense to change the law for future mortgages, but rewriting loan terms retrospectively tramples on existing contracts and property rights, and should not be done lightly (see article).

    ECONOMIST: America's property market

  • As a result, more middle-class people need assistance qualifying for mortgages because they simply can't qualify for a loan--or refinance their existing mortgages--now that lenders have tightened their restrictions.

    FORBES: Nothing Down

  • In 1996, Severson had an opportunity to take over an existing car-towing operation and secured a loan from FNBB where Mark Hardyman was not only the president but was intimately involved with making loans for the bank.

    FORBES: 'Just Right To Jail' - Small Bankers Do Go To Prison

  • You will have to make sure that your existing lender will allow you to 'convert' your loan to one that is effectively buy-to-let.

    BBC: Fergus Muirhead

  • The new fund aims to complement existing public and private sector finance schemes available in Scotland, providing loan guarantees and equity finance alongside co-investment partners.

    BBC: Alex Salmond launches ?103m renewable energy fund

  • Common requirements include: purpose of the loan, history of the business, financial statements for three years (existing businesses), schedule of term debts (existing businesses), aging of accounts receivable and payable (existing businesses), projected opening-day balance sheet (new businesses), lease details, amount of investment in the business by the owner(s), projections of income, expenses and cash flow, signed personal financial statements and personal resume(s).

    FORBES: Washington D.C. Needs More Entrepreneurs

  • One potential pitfall of taking a rescue loan from the eurozone is that it would probably have the effect of subordinating Spain's existing sovereign debt.

    BBC: Will Spain suffer an Irish bust?

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