• "It's terrible business ethics to be lying and then just get people to sign a contract, especially if English isn't their first language, " says Richard Painter, professor of corporate law at the University of Minnesota.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Danilo Dolci was always short of, and careless of, money, although he was helped out from time to time, especially by English families whose fortunes came from the trade in Marsala, the sweet wine of Sicily.

    ECONOMIST: Danilo Dolci

  • Just as their poorest countrymen have continued to leave family and familiarity behind to labor in spots like the Arab Gulf, so, too, may a new cohort of the best and brightest look to international business centers, especially where their English-language facility gives them an edge.

    FORBES: Side Lines

  • He was seen as reckless and belligerent toward all forces not English, especially India.

    FORBES: The Far-sighted Leader

  • Baker is an expert on English, especially on slang.

    NEWYORKER: Blue Period

  • Most of the appeals about marks were about English papers - especially the writing task.

    BBC: Sats papers prompted more than 35,000 appeals

  • In fact, Bryan Caplan found that Hispanic immigrants and especially their children are learning English as well as earlier immigrants.

    FORBES: The GOP And Immigration: Good Economics, But What About The Politics?

  • Cue anger in the press, especially the anti-EU English press (robbed of the right to buy traditional light bulbs, thundered the Mail).

    FORBES: More Concerns About Cancer and Energy Saving Light Bulbs: Justified?

  • The shame is often intensified by the fact that many (other) Europeans, especially northern ones, speak English at least as well as the natives.

    ECONOMIST: Parlez-vous Anglais?

  • His lectures, and eight books, expressed a deep hostility to government intervention in the market, a policy favoured by followers of John Maynard Keynes, an English economist who was especially influential in the 1930s and 1940s.

    ECONOMIST: Merton Miller

  • "When you play against them in March and April especially in April as an English club or a Spanish club, you have a handicap, " Wenger said.

    WSJ: The Secret of Germany's Success

  • The King James, also known as the Authorised Version, remains one of the most frequently used Bibles in the English-speaking world, especially in the United States.

    ECONOMIST: Prepare for a celebration of biblical proportions

  • Part of the explanation for Hollywood's especially negative and negligent treatment of the English in the last few years might lie in the end of the cold war.

    ECONOMIST: Hollywood on Britain: I say, old chap | The

  • Their high expectations are often quickly dashed by the harsh reality of the demand for graduates, especially for those armed with degrees in English, international trade and computer science.

    CNN: Feeling blue within China's red-hot economy

  • The Subcontinent also holds a special cachet for publishers, both as a market and as a source of English-language writers, especially following the international success of authors like Salman Rushdie, Vikram Seth and Arundhati Roy.

    CNN: Once Again, With Attitude

  • Especially, playing in a league like the English Premiership which includes 38 league games, the Charity Shield, the FA Cup, the Worthington Cup and the Champions League.

    BBC: Sport Academy | Football | Features | Patrick Vieira

  • The performance from Quins at Munster must surely rank as the best by an English club side this season, especially when you take into account the occasion, the venue and the opposition.

    BBC: Jeremy Guscott Q&A

  • Out of all the exams, the two that I especially wanted to do well in were Drama and English Literature and I received As in both!

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Wales | Teenager's delight at GCSE grades

  • Life was especially harsh for those on the slippery border between the English kingdom and Charles's territories.

    ECONOMIST: England's war with France: Once more unto the breach | The

  • Another realization was that education is considered the panacea for problems and English language was the language of business (especially in India) and people were willing to pay to learn these skills.

    FORBES: Nokia Looks To Emerging Markets To Find New Products And Customers

  • This is especially disheartening for the sector of immigrants who speak very little English or lack an education.

    FORBES: Lifestyle

  • Chalk it up to colonial ties, plus English-language facility that has permitted access to more labor markets, especially at higher income levels that can support bringing an extended family along.

    FORBES: 5+ Million Chinese Abroad--But India's Got More

  • Schools across the nation are in need of a diverse set of talented teachers, especially in our big cities and rural areas, and especially in the areas of Math, Science, Technology, Special Education, and English Language Learning.

    WHITEHOUSE: Our Top Stories

  • And continuing the clean-air discussion, the English edition of Global Times reports that Beijing intends to improve fuel quality, especially by reducing the sulphur content in petrol.

    BBC: China morning round-up: Ping-pong diplomacy marked

  • By setting a uniform target for the size of seats across Britain, the government's bill would also remove the current quirk that English constituencies tend to contain more voters than seats in Scotland, Northern Ireland and especially Wales (which could lose up to ten MPs).

    ECONOMIST: Voting reform

  • Especially when you consider that the Amber Army were only one game away from the top flight of English football less than 20 years ago.

    BBC: Can Brabin reclaim Cambridge pride?

  • It first entered the Collins English dictionary in 2005 with the definition "the tense final stages of a league competition, especially from the point of view of the leaders".

    BBC: Sir Alex Ferguson: 10 things not everybody knows

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