• More ominously, they have the ability to shut down vital parts of the global information grid on which the military now depends to carry out every activity, from intelligence gathering to missile defense to equipment maintenance.

    FORBES: Pentagon Tech Chief Points To Big Problem In Protecting Networks

  • Afghan forces can resupply themselves with food and fuel and water but are still struggling with planning, logistics, equipment maintenance and contracting, Stader said, adding that the brigade he is currently mentoring in eastern Afghanistan needs at least another year of advising before it will be able to operate independently.

    NPR: Fighting Season Is Testing Ground For Afghan Force

  • And to ensure that protection lasts over the lifetime of the equipment, maintenance and testing should be performed on a system regularly.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • As part of the setting up process, five faculty and twenty five students of the Center for Communication Studies received basic training in the use of the radio equipment and maintenance of the facility.


  • The U.S. military was racked by abysmal morale, pitiful pay (thousands of enlisted men's families survived on food stamps), outdated equipment and utterly inadequate maintenance of what equipment it did have.

    FORBES: Magnificent Man

  • To ensure that the protection lasts for the lifetime of the equipment, system maintenance and testing should be performed regularly.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Old threat with a new face

  • The goal was a modernised fleet and air arm with complementary communications and tracking equipment, lower maintenance and better conditions for the crew.

    ECONOMIST: The coastguard: In Deepwater | The

  • While buyers weren't nibbling, sellers of maintenance equipment were.

    FORBES: Survivor

  • In addition to furloughs, the FAA is planning to eliminate midnight shifts for air traffic controllers at 60 airport towers, close over 100 control towers at smaller airports and reduce preventative maintenance of equipment.

    NPR: How Budget Cuts Could Affect You

  • He argued that, while most entrepreneurial solar engineers were urban-based, most grandmothers would remain in their villages, forming a nucleus of skilled human power that could be relied upon in the maintenance of solar equipment.


  • Modern equipment for conservation of manuscripts and maintenance of favorable environment in library and laboratory was purchased and established in the Institute.


  • It is envisioned that local Point of Contacts (POC) during the one-year project period gradually should take over the maintenance of the installed equipment.

    UNESCO: Request for proposal: Sea Level Stations in the Caribbean Sea | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • Most clients don't seem to mind the fees, either, viewing the inspection of a company's human capital as something just as vital as maintenance of plant and equipment.

    FORBES: The Skin Game, Updated

  • Analysts at Goldman Sachs suspect that many refiners used their spring maintenance cycle to upgrade their equipment in order to handle heavier, dirtier crudes.

    ECONOMIST: Can anything cool the oil market?

  • Though nine years might seem old, analysts insist that the equipment can last for 30 year with regular maintenance.

    FORBES: BP Oil Spill Investigation Will Focus On Blowout Preventers

  • Cuts to budgets mean preventative maintenance and quick repair of runway equipment might not be possible, which could lead to more delays.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • That plug-and-play model curbs outlays on servers, storage, networking equipment, on-site IT staff and juicy maintenance contracts—precious savings for small-and mid-sized companies looking to do more with less.

    FORBES: When Good Companies Are Scary Stock Picks

  • This same friend brought the three of us together in a company he had founded that was, among other things, focused on developing maintenance manuals and assembly instructions for capital equipment.

    FORBES: My Favorite Entrepreneur

  • The new plan also would also be in effect for the Christmas travel season, and White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said the Federal Aviation Administration was imposing a holiday moratorium on nonessential maintenance projects, allowing all FAA personnel and equipment to be focused on keeping flights on time.

    NPR: Bush Announces Plans to Ease Air Travel Delays

  • The attendant elimination or dramatic slowing of virtually all modernization programs, reduction in maintenance of worn-out weapon systems and other equipment, diminished training and other benefits, etc.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Destroying The U.S. Military From Within

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